Sun Fire 15K System Running Oracle9i Delivers World's Fastest Single System TPC Data Warehouse Result on TPC-H Benchmark

Sun's Server Delivers Best Price Performance - First to Break The $200/QphH@3000GB Barrier for Any Configuration

SANTA CLARA, Calif., April 15, 2003 -- Sun Microsystems, Inc. (Nasdaq: SUNW) today announced another record-breaking benchmark in a series of announcements that further validates its performance and price/performance superiority. Performance tests of Oracle9i Database Release 2 running on the Sun Fire(TM) 15K server, Sun StorEdge(TM) arrays and the Sun(TM) ONE platform have established Sun as the fastest performing and best price/performance single system on the market. This industry standard benchmark represents ad-hoc queries and is representative of the real-world decision support and data warehousing applications. IBM has yet to run a TPC- H benchmark on its mainframe or p690 single-system server.

The Sun Fire 15K system outperformed the next best single server, the HP Superdome, 23 percent on the high-load throughput test. Throughput is a measure of a heavily-loaded system, it also beat HPs price/performance by seven percent.

The benchmark was performed on a 72-way 1.2 GHz UltraSPARC(R) III processor-based Sun Fire 15K system with 288GB of memory, running the industry-leading Solaris(TM) 9 Operating System (OS) and Oracle9i Database Release 2, topping the performance of all HP systems. The server also utilized 33 Sun StorEdge(TM) A5200 disk arrays. The system delivered 28,948.1 QphH@3000GB at a price performance of $184/QphH@3000GB, with a scheduled availability of April 30, 2003. The versatile 72-way Sun Fire 15K server with 1.200 GHz CPUs is rated by Sun at 7,250 Mainframe Equivalent MIPS, which surpasses the fastest IBM mainframe, while maintaining a lower price. Following are TPC-H Version 2 performance and price/performance results currently published for the 3000GB scale factor.

System #CPUs QphH $/QphH Throughput Availability
@3000GB @3000GB

Sun Fire 15K server 72 28,948.1 $184 24,139.6 04/30/03
HP 9000 Superdome 64 27,094.3 $213 19,600.9 10/30/02
Teradata NCR 5350 128 79,528.0 $213 68,085.1 12/20/02
HP ProLiant DL760 128 21,053.5 $283 18,657.8 06/20/02
HP 9000 Superdome 64 17,908.4 $476 13,224.3 05/15/02

About TPC-H

Established by the Transaction Processing Performance Council (TPC), the TPC-H benchmark is an industry-standard Decision Support test designed to measure systems' capability to examine large volumes of data, execute queries with a high degree of complexity, and give answers to critical business questions. The TPC-H benchmark evaluates a composite performance metric (QphH@size) and a price/performance metric $/QphH@size) that measure the performance of various decision support systems by the execution of sets of queries against a standard database under controlled conditions.

TPC-H, QphH and $/QphH are trademarks of the TPC. For additional information on the TPC-H benchmark, please visit the Transaction Processing Performance Council's Web site at .

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