CreditXpert Inc. Introduces CreditXpert What-If Simulator(TM); Consumers Can Explore Scenarios Before Impacting Their Credit

TOWSON, Md., Feb. 10, 2003 -- CreditXpert Inc., a consumer credit analysis and management solutions provider, today launched a new service and technology that allows lenders to assist consumers in exploring the impact of various actions on their credit score.

Based on a hybrid of artificial intelligence, statistical techniques and analytical methods, the CreditXpert What-If Simulator(TM) enables consumers to experiment with actions like applying for credit, refinancing, opening accounts, missing payments, or updating information - and view their potential effects - before taking steps that impact their credit standing.

"CreditXpert(R) helps consumers understand their own unique credit and the credit decision process in order to maximize their credit and qualify for better loan rates," said David Chung, interim president and vice president of business development. "The CreditXpert What-If Simulator provides unparalleled simulation power and transparency in credit scoring, so users get the most useful simulation results. This latest product release represents the next level in credit management tools for consumers, taking CreditXpert tools from credit analysis, diagnosis, and optimization to simulation.

"Since more and more relationships rely on good credit, credit management has become a more integral part of personal financial management. CreditXpert offers financial service organizations an opportunity to differentiate themselves by offering powerful, user-friendly tools that consumers increasingly demand," Chung said.

"Trilegiant is pleased to be the first to offer this robust technology to our customers. It reflects our commitment to providing the most advanced credit protection services available," said Steve Upshaw, senior vice president of product management and contact centers for Trilegiant. "The intuitive, goal-based scenarios, educational content and instant, detailed results represent a giant leap forward in credit management technology," he added.

About CreditXpert Inc.

CreditXpert Inc. provides highly personalized credit management tools to help consumers understand, manage, and improve their credit and the credit decision process. Based on a technically advanced hybrid of artificial intelligence, statistical techniques and analytical methods, CreditXpert(R) is the most powerful suite of credit management tools and provides the greatest explanatory power available today.

CreditXpert products and services are offered to consumers through credit reporting agencies, consumer finance information providers, mortgage brokers, and lenders. By offering these valuable personal finance tools, CreditXpert helps clients increase revenues, build stronger customer relationships, and retain more customers. CreditXpert Inc. has championed credit disclosure and analysis - and its benefits to both consumers and lenders - since it pioneered the first credit analysis service in September 2000. For more information, visit or call 800/500-8553.


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