Datawatch/ES Extends the Reach of Enterprise Business Intelligence; Mines Data Overlooked by Traditional Solutions

New Datawatch/ES 4.0 Enterprise Reporting Solution Leverages Existing and Ongoing Reports for Data Analysis

LOWELL, Mass., Feb. 11, 2003 -- Datawatch Corporation (NASDAQ: DWCH), a leading provider of enterprise reporting, infrastructure and IT support solutions, today released Version 4 of Datawatch/ES (formerly known as Monarch/ES), its flagship enterprise reporting solution. With Datawatch/ES 4.0, Datawatch continues its mission to bring the benefits of business intelligence to report users throughout the enterprise. Featuring a 100 percent Web-based interface, industry-leading Microsoft Excel support and new, XML-based Web forms technology, Datawatch/ES 4.0 is the next generation of enterprise reporting.

"Business intelligence and reporting solution vendors have either ignored or been unable to unlock the vast data stores captured in existing and ongoing reports. Datawatch/ES 4.0 will enable organizations to capitalize on the huge investment they have made in these reports, while at the same time allowing them to take advantage of superior performance, collaboration and processing in an enterprise reporting system," said Claude Reeves, director of Application Development at Datawatch. "Datawatch/ES extends the capabilities of business intelligence by enabling easy analysis of traditionally static report data. Datawatch/ES truly meets both the enterprise report management and business intelligence needs of organizations at a lower cost point and higher return on investment than traditional alternatives."

Version 4 of Datawatch/ES fully leverages legacy mainframe applications, industry-specific applications (healthcare, banking, etc.), and ERP/SCM solutions that organizations have already implemented and paid for. With Datawatch/ES, users no longer need their own connection or "seat" to these systems to directly run reports or access data. Users instead access the Datawatch/ES archive to access reports, the data within those reports, or output rendered as an XML form, via the Web.

"Datawatch/ES is a significant advance in enterprise reporting, enabling us to quickly reproduce every travel ticket online, and easily mine that aggregated data for reporting and analysis," said Lisa Fulle, vice president and controller of Central Accounting Services at WorldTravel BTI, the nation's third largest travel management company. "Increasing productivity and identifying inefficiencies are critical for competitive advantage in this industry. Datawatch/ES allows us to access more data, intuitively mine it, distribute it and leverage it overall - to a greater extent and at a dramatically lower cost than traditional enterprise solutions."

Datawatch/ES improves upon existing best-of-breed report management and analysis capabilities. Powered by Datawatch's industry-leading Monarch technology, Datawatch/ES 4.0 introduces new and improved features to meet both simple and complex enterprise reporting needs.

Datawatch/ES 4.0 Features Summary:

Improved Report Collaboration Tools. Datawatch/ES continues to lead the report collaboration tools market with improved annotation and report discussion threads, as well as integrated email notification and distribution features that make collaboration easier then ever before.

New XML Online Forms. Virtually every industry must present text-based information (including invoices, stock market trade confirmations and healthcare claims) as forms to their users. The new ES Style module can render any text-based source document as a simple or complex form in end-users' Web browsers. Organizations can discard cumbersome and dated forms overlay and expensive printing solutions, and enable users to view and print report-based forms on demand using powerful and fast XML forms technology.

Improved User Interface. Datawatch/ES continues to lead the market in ease of use and fast access to actionable report data. A new, quick-access home page and one-click access to Web and Excel spreadsheets, as well as multidimensional analysis, with Datawatch/ES makes enterprise reporting and business intelligence accessible to every level of report user.

Improved Multi-Dimensional Analysis. Datawatch/ES incorporates the latest ES Cube technology for those customers that require true multidimensional analysis capabilities without the burden of a data warehouse or data mart.

Improved PDF Support. Leveraging the popularity and power of PDF output, Datawatch/ES makes PDF output of reports and analysis views easier then ever before.

Offline Processing of Large Analysis Sets. For users who need to analyze large data sets, Datawatch/ES provides the option to be notified by email when the data sets are ready.

Datawatch/ES 4.0 is available now. With prices beginning at $15,000 for a system supporting up to 50 report users, Datawatch/ES 4.0 maximizes return on investment and can be deployed as quickly as two weeks, making it the best value/cost enterprise reporting solution.


Information Made Easy(TM) is the mission of Datawatch/ES, which offers a unique approach to reporting, business intelligence, and forms management in a single Web-based system. Datawatch/ES begins by transforming existing reports into a Web-enabled archive, for easy storage and paperless distribution of reports, reducing enterprise printing costs significantly. Datawatch/ES then automatically transforms report-based information into live online data for easy analysis and decision support in many formats, including HTML, PDF, Excel, and even multidimensional data cubes. In addition, any text-based output can be transformed into live XML forms without requiring XML programming.

Utilizing advanced, proven Web technologies to provide robust scalability, Datawatch/ES is capable of supporting tens of thousands of end users. Datawatch/ES also offers a totally Web-based administration interface, to manage all aspects of Datawatch/ES from any location, using a standard Web browser.


Datawatch Corporation is a leading provider of enterprise reporting, infrastructure and IT support solutions that help organizations increase productivity, reduce costs and gain competitive advantage. Datawatch products are used in more than 20,000 companies, institutions and government agencies worldwide.

Datawatch works with VARs, integrators, consultants and independent software vendors who sell and support Datawatch products. In addition, Datawatch works with OEM customers who embed Datawatch components and technologies in their own solutions. The corporate address for Datawatch is 175 Cabot Street, Suite 503, Lowell, MA 01854-3633; telephone 978-441-2200, fax 978-441-1114;

Note to Editors: The product names Datawatch/ES and Monarch/ES have a pipe symbol between Datawatch and ES and Monarch and ES. This symbol is not transmittable in most database systems.


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