DecisionPoint Applications Announces New Financial Compliance Dashboard to Support Sarbanes-Oxley Reporting Requirements

First analytic application to detect, alert, analyze and resolve financial reporting issues; features out-of-the-box support for Oracle Applications and PeopleSoft

BEAVERTON, Ore., Feb. 24, 2003 -- DecisionPoint Applications, a leading provider of financial consolidation, analysis and reporting software, today announced the DecisionPoint Compliance Dashboard.

The Compliance Dashboard is the first packaged application for enabling companies to meet the process, accuracy and accelerated reporting requirements of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002. The Compliance Dashboard forms the core of a company's compliance process by providing key reports and metrics, detecting potential data anomalies, providing alerts to key staff and enabling rapid resolution through anomaly analysis and collaboration.

"The shrinking timelines, accuracy requirements and potential non-compliance penalties of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act are placing significant added burdens on companies as they struggle to providing accurate and timely public disclosure of financial and operations data", said Barton S. Foster, President and CEO of DecisionPoint. "After in-depth feedback from our customers, public company officers and financial and auditing experts, it was clear that standard reporting and BI tools could not support these heightened demands. The DecisionPoint Compliance Dashboard enables public companies to meet their reporting requirements as well as improve the quality and timeliness of the information available to decision-makers."

"Many Global 2000 firms are seriously concerned that they do not have the appropriate financial management processes to comply with Sarbanes-Oxley. While business performance management tools can enable internal views of management information, firms must make accommodations to augment these initiatives with robust financial reporting tools to ensure compliance," says John Van Decker, Senior Program Director, META Group. "Companies should consider implementing solutions specifically designed to address compliance, providing improved visibility into financial reporting and transactions to highlight anomalies before they become material problems."

To help companies meet regulatory requirements, the DecisionPoint Compliance Dashboard presents summary views, detailed reports and standard metrics for four critical types of financial information: Income Statement, Balance Sheet, Account Balances and Journal Entries. The application is powered by DecisionPoint's enterprise data warehouse, which provides comprehensive drill down and drill across analysis to the source data, critical to discovering the root cause of data anomalies.

Anomaly detection is a key functionality of the DecisionPoint Compliance Dashboard. It enables a company, department or user to set range thresholds for given metrics and provides alerts (via email or color-coding on the Compliance Dashboard) when those thresholds are exceeded.

Anomalies are broken into three main categories:

-- Process - for example, manual journal entries

-- Variance - for example, comparison vs. budget

-- Business - for example, comparison vs. history and business metrics

DecisionPoint's Compliance Dashboard is a complete offering, providing:

-- Interactive Dashboard - Reports, metrics and alerts, tailored to specific company operations;

-- Anomaly Detection - Monitor and evaluate financial and operations metrics that could signify financial anomalies and inaccuracies such as process, variance, and business;

-- Visibility and Analysis Tools - Flexible and-hoc analysis with unique drill down and drill across capability allows companies to dive down into individual metrics, transactions and discreet elements; and

-- Collaboration Environment - Enabling staff, consultants and outside auditors to work together to investigate and resolve anomalies, inaccuracies and variances.

Currently in beta testing, the DecisionPoint Compliance Dashboard will be generally available in March 2003. The product seamlessly integrates with ERP Applications from Oracle and PeopleSoft.

About DecisionPoint Applications

DecisionPoint Applications provides financial consolidation, reporting and analysis software that maximizes corporate transparency, performance and accountability. Enterprises use DecisionPoint to proactively monitor and analyze operations and improve business decision-making across the full range of business functions including finance, distribution human resources and manufacturing. DecisionPoint improves enterprise transparency, accelerates corporate and regulatory reporting and maximizes the value of ERP and business intelligence investments. Global 2000 companies using DecisionPoint include Sony, British Telecom, Quantum and Imation.


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