North America's Newest Medical School Selects PDxMD(TM) as Its Point-of-Care Clinical Decision Support Tool

PDxMD Provides Instant Clinical Information, Plus Access to MDConsult's Online Service

PHILADELPHIA and TALLAHASSEE, Fla., Feb. 27, 2003 -- Committed to integrating innovative medical information technologies into its curriculum, Florida State University (FSU) is now providing its medical students and clinical faculty with access to PDxMD, a multi-platform clinical decision support tool. PDxMD will be used in 2003 by more than 70 medical students and 80 faculty members at several FSU campuses across Florida. The number of PDxMD users is expected to increase with enrollment as the FSU college of medicine grows to a total enrollment of 480 students located at six campuses throughout the state.

FSU selected PDxMD for its access from both desktop and handheld components, as well as its comprehensive clinical content, which includes more than 450 medical conditions, 350 chief complaints and 300 patient information sheets.

Another key factor that influenced FSU to select PDxMD was the product's added ability to link users to MDConsult, the online clinical information service currently used by more than 250,000 medical practitioners, when more in-depth information is needed.

"Today's medical students are faced with the blessing and challenge of having more clinical information available -- and a more dynamic information environment -- than ever before," said Steven Merahn, M.D., Vice President, Clinical Technology Products at Elsevier, maker of PDxMD. "PDxMD provides large teaching institutions like FSU with comprehensive clinical support to enhance the teaching of clinical reasoning without dictating how doctors should act. PDxMD merely assists students, by presenting highly relevant and current information in a format that helps them understand how to make the right decisions for patients."

FSU joins a growing list of leading institutions, hospitals and physician practices that currently use PDxMD in practice, including Ball Memorial Hospital, Centers for HealthCare/Hamilton Scientific and PacifiCare Health Systems. Developed with the physician's workflow in mind, PDxMD has the ability to enhance a physician's thinking, at all points in his or her professional life cycle. Physicians interested in finding out how PDxMD can support them can sign up to receive a free 30-day trial online at .

About PDxMD

PDxMD is a new, evidence-based, electronic primary care information system designed for use by physicians at the point and time of care. With full desktop features and handheld downloadable components, PDxMD offers comprehensive, continuously updated files that cover more than 450 medical conditions, 350 chief complaints that lead to a comprehensive list of more than 1,500 possible diagnoses and 300 patient information sheets.

About Elsevier

Elsevier ( ) is the world's largest scientific, technical and medical information provider that publishes more than 1,600 journals, 1,200 books, as well as secondary databases. Elsevier key brands include: PDxMD; MDConsult; Academic Press; Butterworth-Heinemann; Cell Press; Churchill-Livingstone; Engineering Information; Excerpta Medica; The Lancet; MDL; Mosby; North-Holland; Pergamon; ScienceDirect and WB Saunders.

About Florida State University

The FSU College of Medicine is truly a 21st century medical school. Created in June of 2000 by the Florida Legislature, it is the first new medical school the country has seen in a generation, and as such it is charting a new course for medical education. In partnership with Florida communities, the FSU College of Medicine is creating a new model of medical education and research that uses interdisciplinary teams and emerging technologies. Building upon the FSU Program in Medical Sciences, a first-year medical school program begun in 1971, the college's educational program is designed to produce compassionate physicians who will practice patient- centered medicine and who are prepared to practice in a rapidly changing healthcare environment. FSU trains the physicians of tomorrow in such a way that they will become lifelong learners equipped to teach themselves what they need to know in an era of tremendous innovation in knowledge management and information technology.

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