Interwoven MetaTagger 3.5 Dramatically Enhances Effectiveness of Enterprise Portals with Highly Relevant Content

Metadata Platform Now Integrates with Any Content Source to Enhance Key Portal Components Like Search and Personalization, Boosting Productivity and Lowering Support Costs

SUNNYVALE, Calif., Feb. 4, 2003 - Interwoven Inc. (Nasdaq: IWOV), a world leader in Enterprise Content Management (ECM), has released the Interwoven MetaTagger 3.5 platform, the latest version of its leading content intelligence software, dramatically enhancing the effectiveness of enterprise portals by providing targeted, relevant content to the right audience enterprise-wide. With today's MetaTagger 3.5 release, enterprises can now deliver an efficient and rich online experience through Internet-based enterprise applications such as portals, including search and customer self-service initiatives, boosting productivity and bringing down support costs.

"Managing customer and employee portals is a growing problem that is expensive and time-consuming," said Mark Gilbert, research director of Gartner Inc. "Enterprises need a single infrastructure to organize information and move processes online. Better metadata capabilities are critical to ensure that content is tagged in a consistent way that make content more relevant in the portal. As you increase the effectiveness of your portal, you decrease customer and employee support costs, while driving productivity and online transactions. Companies can realize solid benefits by using metadata markup tools to increase the effectiveness of their content management and portal initiatives."

Content Made Relevant with Interwoven MetaTagger

Companies around the world are challenged to deliver relevant information to the right audience. Traditional means, including search and personalization, fail to deliver results due to a lack of metadata. Portals, for example, require well-organized, well-described content to deliver personalized search results to multiple audiences throughout the enterprise. Finding the right content is difficult because most content is poorly organized and contains no descriptive information such as what it is about, or why it is important. Similarly, online self-service applications can be powerful tools that enable organizations to more effectively serve their customers, employees, partners, and suppliers. People turn to self-service systems every day to research investments, make purchases, solve problems, and find content. The challenge is to intelligently classify, tag, search, and deliver that information to the right audience. To do so, they rely heavily on classification and search technology.

Interwoven MetaTagger 3.5 software empowers companies to deliver highly relevant information to their employees, customers, and partners by automatically preparing that content to be found and used, eliminating thousands of hours of manual tagging. Its flexible platform architecture enables businesses to extend the benefit of metadata and categorization by directly integrating with any legacy content repositories, file systems, portals, and information-rich applications. With MetaTagger 3.5, for the first time, companies have a platform for organizing and tagging all content, regardless of its location. Additionally, MetaTagger is a stand-alone product that can be used in conjunction with Interwoven TeamSite content management software as part of any integrated, open content platform.

"Our site serves a wide variety of users - from health plan members to consumer prospects and several B-to-B targets," said Elisa Mendel, eHealth Plan director, of Kaiser Permanente. "We also provide services that vary by geographic region. It's important for Kaiser Permanente to serve up the right content to the right people, to deliver personalized healthcare information to our members. Members get more control of their care and at the same time, we reduce our costs and theirs; it's a win-win."

Interwoven MetaTagger Boosts Productivity, Lowers Support Costs, and Drives Revenue

In addition to bringing order to corporate content, Interwoven MetaTagger 3.5 helps organizations reduce costs by decreasing the need for customer support, as customers and employees can more easily find the information they require. MetaTagger also leads to improved workforce productivity. As the portal becomes a one-stop shop where employees can find the right information quickly, they are freed up to perform more productive work. Additionally, MetaTagger helps drive higher revenues by providing more accurate personalization, thus helping companies provide their customers with targeted information on new products and services relevant to them.

"Businesses are floundering in a sea of unorganized content, frustrating customers and sapping internal productivity," said Kevin Cochrane, vice president of product management for Interwoven. "As content volumes climb and relevancy becomes critical, only Interwoven's open and scalable metadata platform gives businesses the ability to deliver the right information to the right person at the right time in the right context."

Key Features of MetaTagger 3.5

- Repository Independence - MetaTagger 3.5 now enables businesses, systems integrators, and channel partners to extend the benefit of metadata to any repository in the enterprise. Content management systems, document archives, file servers, and databases can all be processed through MetaTagger's out-of-box capabilities and robust API.

- Advanced Taxonomy Management - Interwoven introduces the all-new MetaTagger Studio as part of the MetaTagger 3.5 platform. The Studio simplifies the development of enterprise taxonomies by providing a systematic, process-driven approach for discovering, editing, testing, refining, and promoting taxonomies and thesauri. Extensive import capabilities speed implementation time by reusing structure and terms that might already exist databases, folder structures, or any existing taxonomy or thesaurus. Powerful offline capabilities enable users test and refine taxonomy classification results, then synchronize changes once they are connected to the corporate network.

- Extended File-Type Support - MetaTagger now supports over 150 different file formats, including the ability to intelligently classify content in such legacy formats as WordPerfect and Lotus SmartSuite (including Lotus Freelance, Lotus 1-2-3 and Lotus WordPro). In addition, MetaTagger can now extract document properties from popular formats like Microsoft Office to preserve existing metadata and even process popular media formats such as TIFF and MP3.

- Standard Taxonomies - Interwoven now gives customers the ability to get up running quickly using industry-standard taxonomies in finance, hi-tech manufacturing, health care and medical, government, energy and industrial, and general business. Additional vertical market vocabularies can be imported from industry sources and used immediately.

MetaTagger 3.5 is available immediately and supports major European languages including English, French, German, Spanish, and Italian. For more information, visit

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