February 3, 2003 HOUSTON, TEXAS -- The Modeling Agency (TMA), a data mining training, consulting and solutions company will offer its vendor-neutral data mining course series April 1 - 4 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Enjoy first-rate entertainment and dining at the Las Vegas mega-resorts while sharpening your data mining skills through TMA's application-oriented presentation. Those in attendance will learn how experts mine date in order to save substantial time, effort and expense in assessing the most appropriate methods, tools and techniques that apply to different kinds of data-intensive applications.

Data Mining: Level I is presented by Tony Rathburn and offers an intensive, broad-brushed introduction to methods, tools, and applications. Data Mining: Level II, presented by Dean Abbott offers a drill-down of the data mining process, techniques and resources.

The courses may be attended individually or as a progression. The registration fee for each of the two courses is $1095, or register for both at the $1795 package price. Full details to include complete outlines, instructor experience, site information, and secure registration form may be obtained through:



   888-742-2454 (toll free)
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The Modeling Agency (TMA) is a structured, redundant network of senior-level data mining consultants.  TMA offers guidance and results through data mining training, consulting and solutions for those who are data rich yet information poor.  A thorough description of TMA's background, experience and offerings may be referenced at TMA's web site.


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