End User Participation Last Hurdle to Enterprise Application Success Declares IT Industry Analyst

CONCORD, Mass., July 16, 2003 -- According to a 13-page report released by technology analysis firm Clabby Analytics, all the tools and standards necessary for successfully coding new enterprise applications are in place today. What is missing is the ability to allow business executives to proactively contribute their expertise and knowledge during the planning, requirements gathering, analysis, testing and deployment phases of a software development effort. IT Project Failure: The Value of Role-based Collaborative Program Management identifies an important new approach for significantly increasing the success rates of IT projects. (This report is available for downloading at http://www.valleyviewventures.com.)

"Most industry analyst firms are grossly overstating the failure rate of IT projects," says Joe Clabby, President of Clabby Analytics. "Our research shows that the majority of new IT projects will be successful. But to increase the success rate even more, IT organizations need to follow a role- based collaborative program management methodology to ensure that they are meeting the end-users' actual operational requirements."

Report highlights include:

1) The standardization of platforms, infrastructure, and databases has occurred over the last 5-10 years ?- and this standardization enables enterprises to minimize risks in application development by using common platforms, infrastructure, and interfaces.

2) Application integration problems have largely been addressed from a technology and tool perspective. Hundreds of tools already exist to help solve integration problems.

3) To ensure project success what is needed is a clear understanding of the project's goals, a solid design, and the commitment by executive management, end users, and development teams to making the project succeed.

4) Obian (http://www.obian.com) is delivering the next-generation of enterprise- level, role-based program management software for increasing IT project success. Its Emagineering product offering allows all project team members to contribute their knowledge and expertise, access the information they need to resolve key business and technology issues, provide vital feedback, and otherwise participate in the development of a project in a positive and effective manner.

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