Manpower Introduces Web-Based Employment Prescreening Tool To Help Employers Net the Best Candidates

NetSelect(SM) Reduces Administrative Costs, Speeds Up Time-To-Hire

MILWAUKEE, July 15, 2003 -- Manpower today announced the addition of NetSelect(SM), a Web-based employment prescreening tool, to its suite of human resources services in North America. NetSelect can efficiently prescreen thousands of job candidates and significantly reduce the amount of time hiring managers spend reviewing resumes, allowing them to identify and hire the right candidate faster.

"Manpower designed NetSelect in response to customer demand for new technology that facilitates faster hiring while improving quality," said Barbara J. Beck, executive vice president of U.S. & Canadian operations for Manpower Inc. "This tool strengthens Manpower's lineup of staffing and HR services, creating added convenience for customers seeking a single partner who can bring a range of services to the table."

NetSelect's prescreening ability is achieved through an online questionnaire. Manpower works with an employer to develop the customized questionnaire that determines if candidates possess the desired prerequisites for a position. As candidates express interest in that open position, they are directed to the questionnaire that is posted at a unique Web address. Employers can establish a link within an online job posting that leads directly to the custom-built questionnaire. NetSelect is completely Web-enabled and requires no downloads, network configuration or IT integration.

Candidates can access the questionnaire at their convenience, 24/7. Once a candidate completes the questionnaire, NetSelect assigns a score based on how well that person's background and preferences match the job profile. The tool organizes the results in a database, and employers can see at a glance how many people completed the questionnaire, view their scores and determine who will move on to the next step in the hiring process. In addition, an employer can send e-mail messages to applicants directly through NetSelect, which keeps a record of correspondence.

Employers save time and money because only candidates with the highest scores proceed to the more time- and cost-intensive screening procedures. With fewer candidates to evaluate, the time-to-hire process is shortened and new hires are on the job faster than before.

"NetSelect brings unprecedented efficiency to the hiring process, and employers will appreciate the impact this tool has on the bottom line," said Mark Gambill, vice president of marketing for Manpower North America.

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