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Oracle Collaboration Suite Release 2 Now Shipping With Oracle Web Conferencing

REDWOOD SHORES, Calif., July 25, 2003 -- Oracle Corp. (Nasdaq: ORCL), the world's largest enterprise software company, today announced the addition of web conferencing to the many other workplace collaboration features immediately available with Oracle(R) Collaboration Suite Release 2. Oracle has also introduced a new pricing model for web conferencing software that enables companies to widely expand the use of web conferencing at significantly lower costs.

The Oracle Web Conferencing component of Collaboration Suite Release 2 makes online meetings more productive. Oracle has automated much of the administration of web conferences -- such as the scheduling, notification and initiation of meetings -- while also helping employees make the most out of their time together. For example, participants can simultaneously review and edit documents while on an Oracle Web Conference or share ideas on a virtual "white board." Administrators and end-users alike can now benefit from Oracle Web Conferencing in addition to the existing applications of Oracle Collaboration Suite, including email, voicemail, files, ultra search and calendar.

"Previously, scheduling meetings with different departments and accessing individuals' calendars was a nightmare, but that all changed in August 2002 when we rolled out Oracle Calendar to our faculty and staff and it changed the way we work," stated Chris Colomb, messaging systems manager at University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill. "Improved productivity, availability and reliability are just some of the benefits we've experienced. With Oracle Collaboration Suite Release 2, we've tested and are excited to take advantage of the web conferencing, voicemail and email integration and wireless synchronization features in calendar."

Oracle's latest release also enables the secure storage and playback of web conferences, which is not only helpful to participants who may have missed a meeting, but also to corporate compliance departments, which are facing stricter document retention requirements.

Unlike Any Other Collaboration Software

Oracle Collaboration Suite is the only enterprise collaboration software built on a common information store -- the Oracle Database. Thus, all information necessary for effective collaboration -- such as calendars, documents and email -- is available in real time, without the common issues of version control and incomplete information.

"We are the only company delivering the right architecture for enterprise collaboration right now and that clearly resonates with our customers," said Charles Rozwat, executive vice president, Server Technologies, Oracle Corp. "A strategic platform for enterprise collaboration enables customers to reduce total cost of ownership and increase reliability, scalability and security. We have a competitive advantage that is literally changing the way companies think about collaboration."

Additional Oracle Collaboration Suite Release 2 Enhancements

Along with Oracle Web Conferencing, Oracle Collaboration Suite Release 2 incorporates enhancements across every capability in the suite. Sample enhancements include:v -- Flashback recovery in Oracle Email & Calendar, which enables Outlook users to recover deleted messages without an administrator's assistance;

-- Custom workflow support in Oracle Files, which allows companies to create workflows that match specific business processes for managing documents;

-- Expanded global support with availability in 19 languages;

-- Enhanced resource scheduling and a standards-based SyncML server in Oracle Email & Calendar that provides support for a diverse base of mobile devices.

Priced to Change the Market

Oracle Collaboration Suite Release 2 is immediately available. A perpetual license for the entire suite is US $60 per Collaboration Program User and an annual license is US $15 per Collaboration Program User. Pricing includes all components of the suite and a restricted use license for Oracle9i Database and Oracle9i Application Server.

Oracle Web Conferencing is included in the suite price or can be licensed separately for US $45 per Collaboration Program User. An annual license fee for Web Conferencing is available as well at $11 per Collaboration Program User.

Also available is the Oracle Collaboration Suite Accelerator Service, a fixed-price packaged offering from Oracle Consulting that helps customers implement key components of the suite in 15 days. This service is designed to rapidly deliver collaboration capabilities and reduce implementation risks and costs.

Additionally, Oracle Collaboration Suite is offered as an outsourced service, enabling customers to benefit from an integrated communication environment at a predictable cost, while relieving them of the routine administration associated with managing the software.

About Oracle Collaboration Suite

Oracle Collaboration Suite is the first enterprise-class collaboration product that leverages a relational database to offer a secure, reliable and scalable way to simplify business communications and consolidate information -- reducing hardware, software and administration costs. Built on the Oracle9i infrastructure, Oracle Collaboration Suite provides users with access to integrated email, voicemail, calendaring, file sharing, search and web conferencing capabilities from popular desktop clients such as Microsoft Outlook, Web browsers and a wide range of wireless devices, including PDAs and cell phones.

More than 500 companies and organizations have purchased Oracle Collaboration Suite since it was made available in September 2002. For more information, customers may contact Oracle Direct at 800-633-0541, their Oracle sales representative or visit the Oracle Web site at .

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