Plumtree Announces Major Customer Deployment Momentum in Backlash Against Empty Portals

42% of the Fortune 50 Use Plumtree; More Than 40 Customers Have Deployed Portals to Over 10,000 Active Users

SAN FRANCISCO, July 14, 2003 -- Enterprise Web leader Plumtree Software (Nasdaq: PLUM) today announced massive customer deployment momentum believed to be unmatched in the industry, with over 40 portals now deployed to between 10,000 and 250,000 users. Twenty-one of Fortune 50 companies and 75 of Fortune 500 companies are using Plumtree to serve employees, customers and partners, consolidating intranet and extranet sprawl into one framework, and delivering portal applications quickly, at low cost. The deployment momentum is in part the result of a company-wide "No Empty Portals!" initiative at Plumtree, designed to fill empty portals with processes, projects, content and applications.

Recognized by Gartner, META and AMR for customer-satisfaction, Plumtree was recently found to deliver the highest customer ROI in a Delphi survey of 500 organizations deploying portals. The "No Empty Portals!" initiative is the latest in Plumtree's Deployment Drivers program, which supports over 15 user groups and has published dozens of customer case studies, hundreds of deployment best practices, a collection of tools for marketing portals to business users and 25 recorded customer seminars. Customers can view these resources and download tools at

"At Plumtree, we're fanatical about filling up empty portals with real applications and getting them successfully deployed to large audiences," said Plumtree CEO John Kunze. "The result has been deployment success everyone can measure: not only by the number of licensed users, but by the number of actual users reached by our deployments. We believe we are alone in the industry; we can identify our large deployments by name, and have validated their ROI through objective third-parties."

Customers that have deployed to over 10,000 individual users include:

    --  Ford Motor Company:  250,000 employees and partners across the globe
    --  Ministry of Education, Luxembourg:  100,000 students, parents, office
        staff and educators
    --  United Technologies Corporation:  100,000 employees, partners and
        customers across six subsidiaries including Pratt & Whitney, Hamilton
        Sundstrand, Sikorsky, Otis and Carrier
    --  GlaxoSmithKline:  100,000 employees around the world
    --  Administaff:  75,000 employees and 4,400 clients nationwide
    --  Computer Sciences Corporation:  70,000 employees around the world
    --  Procter & Gamble:  68,000 employees around the world
    --  Best Buy:  60,000 associates enterprise-wide
    --  Hy-Vee:  44,000 associates across 216 grocery stores in the United
    --  Staples:  40,000 associates across 1,100 stores in the United States
    --  Eli Lilly and Company:  31,500 employees across sales, marketing,
        manufacturing and research communities
    --  Halliburton:  30,000 employees and 4,500 oil and gas clients
    --  Cargill:  30,000 knowledge workers enterprise-wide
    --  American Standard:  28,000 employees enterprise-wide
    --  TELUS:  26,000 employees enterprise-wide
    --  California Casualty:  more than 19,000 insurance clients
    --  Swiss Re:  10,000 insurance clients and 9,000 employees
    --  Centrica:  14,000 employees enterprise-wide
    --  FirstEnergy:  11,000 employees enterprise-wide

About No Empty Portals

The "No Empty Portals!" initiative is a company-wide strategy to assemble, manage and deliver a wide range of applications through corporate portals. According to analysts, approximately 40% of portals are empty, featuring little more than a picture of the CEO, a link to an HR intranet and an old announcement. Plumtree has redesigned its portal software to draw on new integration, collaboration, content management and search software to build and manage a wide range of applications that extend far beyond just one general-purpose site. Plumtree has also fortified its professional services teams, deployment partners and customers with extensive deployment methodologies and hundreds of customer best practices, case studies and marketing tools, all aimed at filling empty portals with projects, processes, content and applications.

About Plumtree Software

Plumtree Software is the Enterprise Web leader. Plumtree's mission is to create a comprehensive Web environment for employees, customers and partners across the enterprise to interact with different systems and work together. Plumtree's Enterprise Web solution consists of integration products for bringing resources from traditional systems together on the Web, foundation services such as collaboration, content management and search for building new Web applications, and a portal platform for delivering these Web applications to broad audiences. Plumtree's independence and its Web Services Architecture allow this solution to span rival platforms and systems, maximizing customers' return on their existing investments. With offices in more than a dozen countries, Plumtree has 520 customers, including Boeing, Ford Motor Company, Procter & Gamble and the U.S. Navy.

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