Vantage Point Installs SmartCare(TM) Data Warehouse and Analysis Software in Major California Healthcare System

NEW MILFORD, Conn., July 22, 2003 -- Vantage Point Healthcare Information Systems, Inc., a developer of data analysis and warehousing software for the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries, today announced the implementation of its SmartCare(TM) system in the Sharp Community Medical Group (SCMG) division of Sharp Healthcare, the largest healthcare delivery system in the San Diego region.

SCMG is one of three medical groups comprising Sharp Healthcare, one of the largest integrated regional health care delivery systems in California, with $1.1 billion in annual income. The SCMG division includes over 700 physicians who provide care to 165,000 patients annually. It is one of the foremost provider organizations in California, having received the 2001 Blue Ribbon award from the Pacific Business Group on Health.

SmartCare's data warehouse was initially loaded with $200 million of SCMG professional claims from 2000-2001. Vantage Point converted SCMG's data and processed all of it in less than 5 days, a process that typically takes comparable systems 6 months to complete. The data warehouse was filled and the SCMG staff was using SmartCare on their workstations one hour after Vantage Point began the installation.

Now SCMG is adding corresponding hospital, pharmacy, and eligibility data, since SmartCare can merge all of these data sources plus medical record data. Next, SCMG will create a 2002 dataset so that they can track patients and contracts with HMOs over extended periods of time. SmartCare applications include the analysis of claims data for managed care agreements, the linking of medical and pharmaceutical claims for episode-of-care cost and quality analysis, and the development of quality performance profiles.

According to Lawrence Borok, president of Vantage Point, "SmartCare was designed to help healthcare organizations like SCMG take advantage of its data to improve care and better control costs, and do so at an unbeatable price/performance level." Mr. Borok further explained that, "healthcare organizations have always had vast amounts of data in different formats from different sources, but until SmartCare, did not have a fast, inexpensive and user-friendly way to integrate this data into valuable information and easily understand it."

About Vantage Point Healthcare Information Systems, Inc.

Established in 1989 and based in Connecticut, Vantage Point Healthcare Information Systems has specialized in database, data warehouse and advanced analytical software for nearly 15 years. Its premier product, SmartCare(TM), is a combined healthcare data warehouse and analytical workstation, which can be used onsite within an organization and run over the Internet. SmartCare is currently being used by a number of clients including health plans, hospitals, medical groups and Independent Practice Associations (IPAs) throughout the United States.

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