ePocrates Launches an Internet Based Desktop Product to Complement Its PDA Software Applications

SAN MATEO, Calif., May 13, 2003 -- ePocrates Inc., the leading handheld network for clinicians, recently launched a desktop complement to its PDA software applications. ePocrates Rx Online (TM), the company's first internet based product for the desktop, will offer similar features as ePocrates Rx Pro (TM), its premier handheld clinical reference guide, as well as additional functionality and content better suited to the desktop environment.

"Over the past several years, we have received thousands of requests from users who would like to access ePocrates clinical information via their desktop computer," says CEO John Voris. "And although there are numerous websites which contain prescribing and other clinical information, clinicians tell us there is still a significant need for clinically relevant, concise, easy to access information on the internet. ePocrates Rx Online will offer our users and partners new capabilities which will ultimately help us increase our market reach."

ePocrates Rx Online contains information on thousands of prescription drugs and alternative medicines, such as dosing, drugs interactions, adverse reactions, pricing and more. In addition, ePocrates Rx Online is one of the few online reference guides to include up-to-date formulary information from leading PBMs, managed care plans, and hospitals to let clinicians and patients know a drug's formulary status, copay level and prior authorization requirements.

"As the use of mobile technology among health care providers continues to grow, ePocrates is committed to providing innovative clinical solutions for the Palm and Pocket PC platform," says Michelle Snyder VP Marketing. "However, we also see an opportunity to leverage our experience creating intuitive, concise applications into the desktop market. Our current customers will find ePocrates Rx Online to be a useful complement to the information on their PDA. In addition, other clinicians and patients who do not have PDAs will now be able to access the same information that over 725,000 healthcare professionals have relied on."

"While I rely on my PDA and ePocrates Rx everyday to help make informed clinical decisions," says Dr. Hier a neurologist from Illinois, "there have been many times when I have wanted to share the information I found in ePocrates with my patients and staff. The new online version will allow me to not only print out relevant information for my patients, but also allow my staff to access the same clinical and formulary information on the office computer."

To learn more about ePocrates Rx Online, visit the company website at http://www.epocrates.com.

About ePocrates

ePocrates Inc. is the largest handheld clinician network with over 725,000 registered healthcare professionals. In addition to ePocrates Rx(TM), ePocrates offers a clinical suite of products, ePocrates RxPro(TM), which includes an herbal database and an infectious disease application. ePocrates also offers formulary hosting, messaging, market research and clinical trial recruitment capabilities via its proprietary network. ePocrates is headquartered in San Mateo, CA. For more information on ePocrates, visit http://www.epocrates.com.

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