ISS Technology to be Integrated Into TBMCS; Lockheed Martin awards contract to ISS

Colorado Springs, CO, May 9, 2003 - Intelligent Software Solutions (ISS) announced today that it has been awarded a 14 month contract from Lockheed Martin to integrate the company’s MAAP Toolkit into the Joint Forces Air Component Commander’s Theater Battle Management Core Systems (TBMCS). The MAAP Toolkit will bring real-time planning information to the Master Air Attack Planning Cell, a division of the Air Operations Center that is responsible for planning an air war.

The TBMCS is the primary system used to plan and execute theater air operations. ISS’s MAAP Toolkit will expedite the transmission of information to the Theater Air Planner in an operationally-friendly, machine-to-machine interface.

“The MAAP Toolkit eliminates the need for human data entry,” said Marcus Featherston, director of C2ISR Systems at ISS. “It lays out the basic scheme of air operations within a single air tasking order, automatically builds target-planning worksheets, and transfers this information to the Theater Air Planner. This transfer and compilation of data will dramatically increase manpower effectiveness and efficiency for the Air Operations Center and the Air Tasking Order.”

The Air Tasking Order is delivered daily to all participants in an air war and contains planned activities for the day.

TBMCS is networked through the force, operations, and unit level to collect, process and distribute data throughout the theater for more efficient and timely employment of air power. The integration of planning and execution ensures continuity of force management in concert with the JFACC’s air campaign objectives and priority tasks.

About Intelligent Software Solutions and WebTAS

ISS is a small company with offices in Colorado Springs, CO and Hampton, VA. ISS provides data analysis solutions to the Department of Defense and National Intelligence Organizations and has specific strengths in providing solutions in Intelligence, Command & Control, Special Operations, Counter-drug, Counter-Terrorism and Homeland Security/Defense. ISS has a diverse set of customers which include: Air Force Research Labs, Air Force C2 Battlelab, Air Force ESC, Naval Surface Warfare Center, JIATFE, NSA, NRO, CENTCOM, SOCOM, NORTHCOM, SOUTHCOM, US Coast Guard and many others.

ISS is the developer of the WebTAS (Web-enabled Temporal Analysis System) framework. WebTAS has been proven operationally successful in many Government organizations and is being used heavily in Operations Enduring Freedom and Iraqi Freedom. WebTAS provides an organization uniform access to disparate legacy data sources including databases, data streams and other structured information. Upon that foundation of disparate data, WebTAS provides advanced visualization, situation awareness, historical analysis, event detection and prediction and browser-enabled features. WebTAS was developed to current J2EE standards so is easily integrated with other systems and has been interfaced with many existing systems of record. For more information on ISS and WebTAS, visit

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