Intergraph Addresses Demand for Heightened Availability of Geospatial Information with Interoperable Geospatial Intelligence Solutions

Intergraph's Preetha Pulusani to address government officials on geospatial issues for homeland security and military intelligence at GEO-INTEL 2003

HUNTSVILLE, Ala., Oct. 14, 2003 - Intergraph Mapping and Geospatial Solutions is highlighting its geospatial intelligence solutions at the GEO-INTEL 2003 conference in New Orleans, Louisiana, today through October 17. These solutions enable military and intelligence organizations to combine data from diverse sources into a single environment for better decision making and response. Intergraph is displaying the interoperability of its solutions through participation in the industry-organized Geospatial Intelligence Interoperability Demonstration based on specifications from the OpenGIS Consortium (OGC). The demonstration involves numerous spatial technology exhibitors who are showcasing their use of interoperable geospatial technology to support development of a multisource, Web-based Common Operating Picture (webCOP) for first responders and warfighters; to manage geospatial intelligence from multiple distributed sources; and to develop plug-and-play enterprise systems and architectures. Interoperable solutions can help enterprises overcome information barriers that result from isolated or segregated systems, and increase the efficiency and cost effectiveness of viewing, analysis, maintenance, collaboration, exploitation, and intensification associated with using geospatial data.

"A big challenge currently confronting military and intelligence agencies is finding the best way to access and integrate the vast amounts of data that is readily available to help secure the nation," said Preetha Pulusani, President of Intergraph Mapping and Geospatial Solutions. "Interoperable geospatial technology from Intergraph is helping these organizations improve the use of this data for analysis, planning and operation of intelligence and defense programs by enabling real-time, seamless integration of the many available types of data, which are often distributed over many source locations."

Preetha Pulusani to discuss geospatial technology's role in improving security Pulusani will address private sector executives, and government, intelligence and public safety officials on Thursday. Pulusani is a member of the panel speaking on "Geo-Information for Homeland Security - A National Perspective," which will be moderated by Jack Pellici, Brigadier General, U.S. Army (Ret.) and Group Vice President of Oracle Corporation. The panel will discuss how governments can apply geospatial information management technology and spatially enable enterprises to improve homeland security.

Comprehensive solutions for homeland security and military intelligence on display At the Intergraph booth (#503), attendees will see a wide array of geospatial solutions for homeland security and military intelligence applications, including integration and exploitation of available data, generation of raster data products that may be interchanged with other agencies and countries, and processing of classified and commercial imagery into intelligence formats. These solutions combine technology and services to deliver user-ready capabilities for the geospatial intelligence community. Beginning with a base architecture that can be tailored to the needs of users, these solutions can stand alone or be combined with another solution to form a robust enterprisewide system. Adhering to open industry standards for interfaces and data models ensures that these solutions easily integrate with legacy data and existing applications.

Show demonstrations are based on data provided by Earth Satellite Corporation and Space Imaging with partnering technologies from HP, Paragon Imaging, Sarnoff, Rosettex, OGC and The Spatial Technologies Industry Association (STIA) and include these areas:

-- Geospatial Intelligence Data Management - Intergraph's Geospatial Intelligence Data Management (GIDM) facilitates the development of the common relevant operating picture (CROP) by making diverse datasets quickly available in a seamless and integrated view. Diverse geospatial data is cataloged, stored and managed so that users at the desktop, on the Web or using wireless devices can gain access to the most current data in an integrated manner, thus freeing them to focus on analysis.

-- Imagery Exploitation - Intergraph's Imagery Exploitation (IE) solution, fused with multisource geospatial data, facilitates the development of the CROP in a fluid and intuitive manner, enabling the related front-line processes such as analysis and intensification. Intergraph offers a complete remedy for searching wide holdings of imagery and fusing it with geospatial intelligence data, providing dedicated CROP exploitation more intuitively and cohesively. Using Softcopy Search Methodologies, analysts can evaluate broad geospatial areas of imagery. Using Softcopy Search as the foundation, Intergraph is developing and enabling Persistent Surveillance technology to shorten the timeline between collection and targeting/analysis.

-- Spatial Analysis and Intensification - Spatial Analysis and Intensification is the process of gathering information and deriving knowledge from a variety of data sources. Intergraph provides spatial data services for analyzing data more efficiently through advanced spatial queries, filters and processes across data types and services without translation; extracting information through data collection, enhancement and intensification in 2D and 3D; performing temporal queries of vector data to provide historic insight into events and trends; and supporting generalization and network analysis.

-- Dissemination, Collaboration and Communication - Intergraph's Dissemination, Collaboration and Communication solution fuses commercial off-the-shelf products, OGC interfaces, data models and data management utilities, enabling the dissemination, communication and collaboration of the CROP.

In addition to being a show sponsor, Intergraph is sponsoring the Golf Tournament Hole-in-One and is co-sponsoring an event in conjunction with the "Evening in GEOrleans" Corporate Vendors Night Out.

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