12th NAVMSMO Technical Interchange Meeting Announcement

Topic: Expanding Human Expertise in Modeling and Simulation

Location: Mark Center Club, 5708 Merton Court, Alexandria, Virginia

Date: November 6, 2003

October 3, 2003 -- This is the twelfth Technical Interchange Meeting (TIM) sponsored by NAVMSMO to promote the exchange of views within DON regarding the evolving role of modeling and simulation. The TIM will be held on November 6, 2003 and will begin at 0800.

The focus of this TIM will be on building an M&S workforce; and, as part of the draft Navy M&S Master Plan, on how expanding the human expertise in M&S will provide an enabling function for the development and use of M&S. We will start with organizations that provide specific M&S professional education opportunities and qualifications for Service and Civilian Professionals. Following, we will discuss the needs and methodologies for developing a roadmap for educating simulation developers, users and managers. The day will conclude with open discussions on how to develop a Navy M&S roadmap. A strong audience interaction is encouraged to help define this roadmap.

Attendees should include program managers, curriculum developers, trainers, educators, M&S supervisory personnel and all others who want to understand and help shape and guide the future development of M&S education opportunities and viable career paths.

There is no charge for attending, but pre-registration is required. Registration may be accomplished online or by printing and faxing the completed form to (407) 282-6404, Attn: TIM.

Any further questions should be directed to TIM coordinator at 407-472-2917 or email (tim@navmsmo.hq.navy.mil).

To accomodate travel plans the Sheraton Pentagon South Hotel (formerly Radisson Hotel) has established a block of rooms. When making reservations please identify yourself with the Navy TIM group block of rooms. It is recommended reservations be made before Friday, 24 October, 2003.


The role of the Navy Modeling & Simulation Management Office (NAVMSMO) is to provide centralized management of Navy M&S, coordinate M&S efforts across functional areas, and develop policies and procedures necessary for M&S standardization within the Navy.

The Director of NAVMSMO is CDR Henry Brus. The Navy M&S Management Office (NAVMSMO) and the Marine Corps M&S Management Office (MCMSMO) serve as the single points of contact for M&S for the Navy and Marine Corps respectively. Together they comprise one of three Service Component Modeling & Simulation Management Offices (MSMO) required by DoD Directive 5000.59.

Established in 1995, NAVMSMO serves as the Navy single point of contact on all Navy modeling and simulation matters, and for coordination with the other Services, DoD, Joint Staff, and other agencies' M&S organizations. The specific responsibilities of NAVMSMO are delineated in SECNAVINST 5200.38A and OPNAVINST 5200.34 including:

Provide leadership and guidance for modeling policy, strategy, investment, and practices

Guide the efforts within the Navy to achieve the Navy's M&S vision

Maintain a centralized M&S information distribution system and catalog of Navy M&S resources

Establish policy; develop and/or maintain the instructions and/or standards necessary to manage the Navy's M&S Programs

Provide technical assistance to model users and developers

Review resource expenditures on new model development

Identify, investigate and document M&S requirements, including emerging M&S and information technologies, and assist in prioritizing Navy-wide programs

Sponsor initiatives for the community goods

Source: http://navmsmo.hq.navy.mil/news/briefs/detail.cfm?ID=48