SAIC Launches New Generation Navigation Service

Voice Enabled Navigation System Provides Drivers Turn-by-Turn Directions with Real-Time Traffic Conditions

DAYTON, Ohio, Oct. 9, 2003 -- Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC) today announced the launch of a voice-enabled, personal navigation system to provide drivers with turn-by-turn directions with the effects of real-time traffic conditions. This new SAIC navigation service enables drivers to access speech-based directory assistance and directions using commercially available PocketPC Phones or Smart Phones.

SAIC will offer the new service on a turnkey basis to telematics service providers, wireless telecommunications carriers, and enterprise fleets, helping them to quickly deliver personal navigation services to their customers. Subscribers using the SAIC navigation service will receive turn- by-turn instructions from audio prompts coupled with a graphical map display on a PocketPC Phone or Smart Phone.

To enable this service, SAIC incorporated technology from Webraska Mobile Technologies and Telelogue. As overall systems integrator for the service, SAIC operates and maintains the server infrastructure which includes Webraska's SmartZone Navigation Suite and Telelogue's Voice Directory Assistance(TM) (VDA). All voice recognition and route calculations are conducted on the SAIC servers and transmitted to the customer's PocketPC Phone or Smart Phone using commercial wireless data services.

Telelogue's VDA(TM) includes every business, government, and residential directory assistance listing in the United States available for automation. The system information is updated nightly. Webraska's SmartZone Navigation Suite includes the patented Internet-based Distributed Navigation (IbDN) (R) technology and the SmartZone Telematics Platform and Geospatial Platform. When a navigation request is submitted by a driver, Webraska's Navigation Suite will verify the address provided by Telelogue's VDA, provide the fastest route to the desired destination, and incorporate data from TrafficCast to calculate traffic flows and conditions as part of the route calculation. The IbDN software will then provide real-time turn-by-turn instructions to the driver, using a GPS receiver to track the driver's current location. If the driver departs from the planned course, a new route will be automatically recalculated.

The SAIC navigation service incorporates speech recognition technology from Vox Technologies to provide users with the option to speak with a live operator or a person at the intended driving destination.

"Our goal was to integrate available technologies into an affordable turn- by-turn navigation and accurate travel time prediction service which incorporates traffic conditions and incidents," said Glen Courtright, manager for SAIC Telematic Solutions. "We look forward to working with our customers to help enterprises with large commercial service, delivery or sales fleets reduce drive times, improve customer satisfaction and increase their efficiency."

The SAIC navigation service is now available for the U.S. market. It is compatible with commercially available PocketPC Phone and Smart Phones for off-board implementations and can also be integrated into conventional in- vehicle navigation systems or existing dispatch and fleet management systems.

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