Airpower Software Releases Five New Interactive Aircraft Budget Analyzer Packages

LAS VEGAS, NV, Jan. 12, 2004 -- Airpower Software, a leading software provider to the worldwide aviation industry, announced today the full release of five new Budget Analyzer software packages to complement its best-selling original Interactive Aircraft Budget Analyzer product.

The Interactive Aircraft Budget Analyzer full line of software packages are fully functional computer programs designed to calculate the operating costs of any specialty aircraft or the general operating costs of 172 of the most popular aircraft operating today.

The new specialty editions being released today are:

-- Lite Edition (No Aircraft Databases) - $39.95

-- Piston Edition - $49.95

-- Turbo Prop Edition - $49.95

-- Helicopter Edition - $49.95

-- Jet Edition - $49.95

The new software packages will be sold along with the current "Full Edition," which includes all four aircraft databases and retails for $179.95.

"We have researched comparable products and have found the Interactive Aircraft Budget Analyzers to be the overall leader in features offered, cost versus benefits, value and ease of use," said David Avne, president of Airpower Software. "Other comparable aviation budgeting software products sell up to $1,000 or more."

All of the software packages, except the Lite Edition, give aircraft operators the ability to create an instant budget by manipulating any of the preloaded information to address their particular usage amounts and/or costs. The changes can be made to an individual preloaded figure or across the entire budget spreadsheet as needed.

In addition to the preloaded databases, the budget analyzer also gives operators the capability to create their own individualized budget via the "My Aircraft" selection. This allows them the ability to input their own unique operating numbers for any type aircraft of their choice. (Available in all editions)

The Airpower Software Interactive Aircraft Budget Analyzer runs on Windows 98, 2000, Millennium Edition, XP Home or XP Professional operating systems and requires 32 MB of free RAM and a processor speed of at least 100 Mhz.

About Airpower Software

Las Vegas-based Airpower Software, a division of REDA Digital Inc., is selling the Interactive Aircraft Budget Analyzer line of products on its Web site at and through affiliate partnerships. The product is available for instant delivery through download, or a CD version is available by mail.

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