Mindjet Announces MindManager X5 Pro Release 5.1

March '04 Upgrade Visualizes Ideas and Enterprise Data; Improves Desktop, Tablet, and Pocket PC Productivity

LARKSPUR, Calif., Jan. 29, 2004 -- Mindjet today announced the March release of its newest MindManager software product for visual brainstorming and planning. MindManager X5 Pro Release 5.1 provides users with a single interface within which to manage a useful combination of enterprise data, real-time information, and ideas. Business professionals can now access and interact with XML-based enterprise and Web services data directly from their desktops, tablet PCs, and pocket PCs. They can then use this information to prepare for and manage meetings, plan projects, understand complex information, and make more informed decisions more quickly.

"The 5.1 release means, for example, that a sales representative traveling to a sales call can pull together in one visual document a combination of customer information, product information, and the latest customer and market news to quickly brainstorm the right decisions to close the sale," said Mike Jetter, Mindjet chief technology officer and chairman. "MindManager visually structures information from a whole range of sources, such as network applications, on-demand Web-based services, search engines, and Internet news services. A single map view of this information is simply more useful and more flexible than multiple text documents or charts."

The 5.1 product line will include updates and improvements to the current MindManager X5 and X5 Pro applications, both of which can now be used on desktops, laptops or tablet PCs. Improvements include: Microsoft Office 2003 look and feel, improved presentation mode, backwards compatibility to MindManager 2002, manual control of map layout, auto recovery, task information filtering, new Web templates, and improved support for large-scale deployment. The release will also include the new MindManager X5 Mobile for Pocket PC, used as a companion product to Mindjet's desktop and tablet PC applications.

Mindjet's 5.1 release will be available in March 2004. Pricing information will be available at that time. A no-cost, downloadable upgrade will be available for currently licensed users of MindManager X5 and MindManager X5 Pro.

CONTACT: Hobart Swan, Mindjet External Affairs Manager, +1-415-925-3120, ext. 134, or mobile +1-415-250-1178, or fax +1-415-925-3110, or hobart.swan@mindjet.com


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