Teradata Customers Lead Winter Corporation Survey Results for World's Largest Decision-Support Databases

Teradata customers received significantly more awards than did the customers of any other vendor

DAYTON, Ohio, Jan. 15, 2004 -- Teradata, a division of NCR Corporation (NYSE: NCR), announced that its customers received 31 of 80 decision support system (DSS) awards in the Winter Corporation World's Largest Decision Support Databases TopTen Survey in the categories where they competed. Teradata customers received significantly more awards than did the customers of any other vendor.

"As expected, Teradata customers made an impressive showing in the 2003 TopTen Program, capturing nearly 40 percent of all DSS awards in our 'Unix' and 'All Environments' categories. Based on a range of Winter Corporation consulting and research activities, including the TopTen Program, we see that Teradata continues its long-standing leadership in high-end data warehousing,' said Richard Winter, president of Winter Corporation.

"The dominance of Teradata customers in the survey mirrors what we see in the market," said Vickie Farrell, vice president of Teradata warehouse marketing. "As SBC demonstrated in the survey, only Teradata customers can build very large data warehouses that simultaneously support a very large number of concurrent users who are also running a very large number of complex business queries. The Teradata® warehouse is a powerful, robust technology that is able to respond to the most demanding decision-support requirements in the industry."

The Winter Corporation 2003 TopTen Program identifies large database implementations based on database size, most rows/records and highest workload achieved. The program also recognizes the database practitioners whose accomplishments are advancing the boundaries of database size and power.

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