NetSuite Adds Advanced Business Intelligence and Analytics To Real-Time Dashboards

Now Managers Can Know as Much about Their Business as They Do about Their Stock Portfolios

SAN MATEO, Calif., Jan. 22, 2004 -- NetSuite, Inc., today announced the next generation of advanced real-time business intelligence and analytics dashboards. This new release adds powerful features including more than 20 key performance indicators (KPIs) -- pre-configured, best practices metrics that instantly provide detailed views on the status of every aspect of a business. Also, new usability features provide unprecedented flexibility for ad hoc querying, editing, searching, sorting and working on dashboards. These enhanced analytics features are available throughout the company's award- winning applications including NetCRM, NetERP, NetSuite and Oracle Small Business Suite. The Oracle Small Business Suite name is used under license from Oracle Corporation (Nasdaq: ORCL).

While the new dashboards provide real-time insight into the state of a business or job function, they are also unique in their ability to provide a workspace to take action on such information. Powerful ad hoc querying in NetSuite allows "what if" questions to be asked and answered easily. And via new Quick Add, Quick Sort and patent-pending Extreme List Editing, users can do their jobs -- updating leads, creating opportunity records, and marking tasks completed -- without ever leaving their dashboards to work on the underlying records.

"Most CEOs know more about the details of Ben and J.Lo's life than they do about their daily business metrics," said Zach Nelson, CEO of NetSuite, Inc. "Our new dashboards provide a 'my-yahoo' like view into every aspect of a business -- sales, marketing, distribution and finance. The new analytics and usability features make our dashboards even more useful, not just for executives but for all employees."

NetSuite introduced the first dashboards integrated with business applications in 2001. Unlike dashboards touted by other application vendors, NetSuite Dashboard technology is not an add-on module, it is an integral part of the application. In addition, other applications require an administrator to pre-configure queries and reports that appear on dashboards. NetSuite comes with more than 100 pre-configured, best practices dashboard report snapshots, trend analysis graphs and key performance indicators that users can add with one click. And unlike third party business intelligence products, the NetSuite dashboards allow drilldown all the way to the source content making up key performance metrics, such as an invoice, lead, opportunity or sales order.

With the enhanced analytics capabilities, NetSuite Dashboards add a host of first-and-only capabilities including:

-- Simpler and faster business analysis with more than 20 new key performance indicators (KPIs) including sales on a cash, billings and bookings basis; cash flow; new business generated; new customers acquired; quota- bearing and total employee counts; quotes to close; open and closed opportunities; income; expense; and total payroll.

-- Comparatives for virtually all KPIs including color-coded variances -- green for better, red for worse -- allow users to quickly spot trends.

-- Trend graphs that deliver even more analytic power to real-time Dashboards and that can be viewed directly on the Dashboard or from within key performance indicators.

-- Quick Date Selector and Date Quick Links introduce two ways to easily change the date range on KPIs, allowing analysis of business metrics over time.

-- New portlet options that speed up data entry and record access including Quick Add, Recent Records and Record Lists.

-- All aspects of customer interactions are represented in real time on the dashboard from lead to opportunity to order, invoice, and payment.

"Before I had access to the new real-time analytics in NetSuite, I'd have to wait for end of the month to get the merchant statement to see what our e-commerce bookings were," said Seth Horn, CFO of Fremont, Calif.-based IQ Biometrix, Inc. "Now I can monitor in real time our sales made over the Web. When someone makes a purchase, the contact information automatically is entered into the financial system. It's incredible."

Pricing and Availability

The new analytics capabilities are bundled with all NetSuite Dashboards at no additional charge. The new capabilities will be available in February 2004.

NetSuite enables companies to manage all key business operations in a single, integrated system, which includes customer relationship management; order fulfillment, inventory, finance and product assembly; e-commerce and Web site management; and employee productivity. In addition, NetSuite is delivered as an online service, so there is no hardware to procure, no large, up-front license fee, and no complex set-ups.

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