Oracle Provides Companies with Single Source of Customer Truth

Oracle(R) Customer Data Hub Gives Companies an Enterprise View of Customer Information Across Multiple Applications

SAN DIEGO, ORACLE APPSWORLD, Jan. 28, 2004 -- Oracle (Nasdaq: ORCL) today introduced the Oracle(R) Customer Data Hub, a new product that will give companies that operate disparate business applications a complete enterprise view of customer information.

Most businesses today can't answer the simple questions of "who are my customers?" or "What do they own?" Historically, companies that have wanted to understand their customer base have undertaken complex custom integration projects. Now, with Oracle Customer Data Hub, Oracle delivers a packaged solution that will help companies obtain a real-time source of customer truth, whether the company uses the entire Oracle E-Business Suite, components of the Oracle E-Business Suite or none at all.

The Oracle Customer Data Hub

The Oracle Customer Data Hub consolidates customer data from different sources into a single customer repository, into which transactional applications are integrated. This enables customer data and related transactions to be immediately accessible and actionable throughout all business systems. In addition, consolidating customer data into a central repository enables companies to cleanse and enrich the customer data, creating a complete, consolidated picture of the customer base. The Oracle Customer Data Hub differs from a data warehouse in that it provides active and real- time access to customer data without the need to move data between the transaction system and a data warehouse.

The Oracle Customer Data Hub is comprised of three components. The Oracle Data Model, which underlies the Oracle E-Business Suite, is the basis of the hub and has been extended to support non- Oracle E-Business Suite and mixed application environments. Oracle Customers Online serves as a single window into a company's central repository of customer data. Oracle Customers Online provides comprehensive customer management, source system management and relationship management capabilities. Customer data residing in third-party applications can be consolidated, viewed and updated through Oracle Customers Online. Finally, Oracle Data Librarian offers consolidation and data quality tools that help organizations create and maintain a consolidated, duplicate free enterprise customer database.

Additionally, the Oracle Customer Data Hub works with the Oracle Application Server 10g to provide out of the box connectivity between the Oracle Customer Data Hub and external systems including packaged applications and legacy system for data access and process automation. Because the Oracle Customer Data Hub is built on an open information architecture, the Oracle Customer Data Hub can also be implemented with third-party data integration vendors.

Network Appliance

Network Appliance, Inc., a global leader in unified storage solutions, implemented the Oracle Customer Data Hub to integrate more than 20 custom-built and packaged systems and has enjoyed significant cost and time savings as a result.

Network Appliance has consolidated a majority of its customer data into its global customer repository and has greatly improved the quality of its information. Network Appliance has also enriched its customer data with third-party information from business data provider Dun & Bradstreet.

Telecom New Zealand has also successfully implemented the Oracle Customer Data Hub.

"Most organizations do not have a complete view of their customer information -- one of their most valuable assets," said Ron Wohl, executive vice president, Oracle applications development. "The Oracle Customer Data Hub will provide companies, that may or may not use the Oracle E-Business Suite, with the ability to understand their customers and their relationship with their company."

Oracle Information Architecture

The Oracle Customer Data Hub and the Oracle E-Business Suite are part of Oracle vision of a complete Information Architecture that improves the quality of information, applications and infrastructure.

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