XpertSHARE 2.0, a Revolutionary Expert Location, Management and Collaboration Platform Enables Corporations to Most Effectively Leverage Their Most Valuable Asset--Employee Brainpower

ORLANDO, Fla., Jan. 21, 2004 -- XpertUniverse, Inc. announced today that it has released a new version of its XpertSHARE product. "This is an exciting advancement in our mission to develop the most innovative technology in the expert location marketplace," says Abraham Zelkin, CTO. "The 2.0 version of XpertSHARE broadens the platform's scalability options and provides enhanced firewall interoperability functionality which enhances the unique match, route and interact capabilities of version 1.3."

XpertSHARE is an online expert location, collaboration and management technology platform that instantly matches and routes a person in need of specific expertise to the right company designated expert on demand, and then enables them to interact in a rich collaboration environment.

Many large geographically dispersed organizations have become so complex that experts within the enterprise may be effectively inaccessible to other employees or customers requiring their expertise - thus reducing their value to the organization. Likewise, complex products and services often require expertise from more than one company or organization to properly use and maintain. XpertSHARE solves these problems by enabling experts within an organization or across a collection of associated organizations to be readily available to those in need of their specific expertise.

The technology creates value by unlocking the potential productivity of human assets - leveraging the tacit knowledge of any organization. This enables faster and better decision making - thus enhancing business effectiveness. No other technology on the market today offers this ability to facilitate real time human interaction on demand.

"We believe that the XpertSHARE platform in many ways resembles a 'Human GPS,'" says Victor Friedman, the company's Chairman & CEO. "Its precision and power in the way it connects human beings globally is unprecedented."

XpertUniverse is working with corporate clients to use its technology for real-time expert access and management in three primary areas: advanced customer care and support; training and professional development; and expertise exchange.

About XpertUniverse

XpertUniverse, Inc. is a leading software solutions company focused on developing innovative expert location, collaboration and management solutions for use over the Internet. Founded in 1999, XpertUniverse is privately held and headquartered in New York City. For more information about XpertUniverse, please visit http://corp.xpertuniverse.com/businesswire.html

XpertUniverse will formally announce the new release of XpertSHARE 2.0 at Lotusphere 2004 on Tuesday, Jan 27th, 2004 at the Swan Hotel, Dove Room at 9:30AM. Live demonstrations of XpertSHARE will be available at the Lotusphere 2004 Product Showcase at Booth 109.

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