Daniel J. Power

Professor of Information Systems and Management at the University of Northern Iowa

Editor of DSSResources.COM and PlanningSkills.COM

Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of the Midwest Association for Information Systems JMWAIS

Editor of Decision Support News, aka DSS News

Keynote speaker and visiting lecturer

Planning and technology consultant

Web Entrepreneur, Blogger, Author

Decision support software designer

Google Scholar profile and citations

Power, D. J., Decision Support Systems: Concepts and Resources for Managers, 2002, Free PDF.

Power, D. J., Creating a Data-Driven Global Society, 2015, Free PDF.

Power, D. J., Acquiring Small and Medium-sized Companies: A Study of Corporate Decision Behavior, Ph.D. Dissertation, University of Wisconsin-Madison, 1982, Free PDF.

Power, D. J., Design and Development of DECAID: A CAL Decision Formulation Program, Master of Arts thesis, University of Iowa, 1977, Free PDF.

Contact information: djpower1950 at gmail.com

Did You Know?

  • I'm married to Carol.
  • 3 sons, Alexander, Benjamin and Gregory.
  • Completed my academic studies at: University of Iowa, BS 1974, MA 1977; University of Wisconsin--Madison, MBA 1981, Ph.D. 1982.
  • Lives in Iowa.
  • A business professor.
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