Decision Support Case Studies

This DSSResources.COM page indexes case examples of various types of computerized Decision Support Systems, decision automation systems and special decision support studies that use computerized analyses. Some of the cases are based upon field research, but many have been provided by software vendors. We have tried to confirm and verify the information in vendor supplied cases. We are always looking for detailed vendor provided cases to publish and opportunities for field research. Please contact Daniel J. Power,, with your cases.

Featured Case

  1. Agarwala, C. and P. Ramanathan, "Innovation Management using Social Media and Analytics", August 20, 2014, Free HTML version. Case study of an in-house journal as a research stimulator.

Current Cases

  1. Adam, F. and E. Doyle, "Enterprise Resource Planning at Topps Ireland Ltd.", May 16, 2007, Free HTML version. Longitudinal chronicle of evaluation and then implementation of an ERP system to increase operations control and improve management decision making.

  2. Databeacon Staff, "East of England Observatory adopts hosted services decision support solution", posted at DSSResources.COM May 14, 2004, Free HTML version. Web-based, data-driven DSS.

  3. Fair Isaac Staff, "Business rules drive modernization of legacy transaction systems at the California Department of Motor Vehicles", September 8, 2006, Free HTML version. Enterprise-wide decision automation.

  4. Forrest, J., "The Space Shuttle Challenger Disaster: A failure in decision support system and human factors management", posted at DSSResources.COM October 7, 2005, Free HTML version. Communications-driven DSS.

  5. Huntington, D., "From Information to Answers: Transferring Expertise at the SBA", November 3, 2006, Free HTML version. Web-based, Knowledge-driven DSS in the Public sector.

  6. McCall, D. and J. Young, "Bringing Strategic Planning Online at Electrogrid", June 16, 2006, Free HTML version. Web-based, model-driven group DSS.

  7. MySQL Staff, "Cox Communications powers massive data warehouse with MySQL", March 23, 2007, Free HTML version. Open source data-driven DSS for real-time operational support and management control.

  8. Power, D., "Transforming GE Real Estate with Innovative Data-driven Decision Support", January 12, 2007, Free HTML version. Web-based, Data-driven DSS and risk management decision support application.

  9. Power, D. J. and C. L. Fletcher, "University of Northern Iowa Dining Services uses FoodProŽ", posted at DSSResources.COM June 3, 2005, Free HTML version. Integrated Information System with transaction processing and model-driven decision support subsystem.

  10. SAS Staff, "Briggs & Stratton harnesses operational data", posted at DSSResources.COM December 2, 2005, Free HTML version. Global data-driven executive management system with scorecards.

  11. Schwartz, K. D., "Decisions at the touch of a button", posted at DSSResources.COM August 19, 2005, Free HTML version. Information system with remote data collection, data warehouse and data-driven DSS.

  12. Stellent Staff, "University of Alberta increases timely access to policies and procedures", posted at DSSResources.COM September 17, 2004, Free HTML version. Document-driven DSS and document management system.

  13. Stevens, A., "Implementing the Redland Genstar Data Mart", posted at DSSResources.COM July 2, 2004, Free HTML version. Development of a data-driven DSS.

  14. Stottler Henke Associates Staff, "PADAL helps US Navy aircraft land aboard carriers", posted at DSSResources.COM January 15, 2005, Free HTML version. Model-driven DSS prototype.

  15. Teradata Staff, "Active Data Warehousing: Straight Shot to Success for PING", February 25, 2014, Free HTML version. Describes how Teradata helped PING to create an Active Data Warehouse system central to their day-to-day operations.

  16. Tomaszewski, B., "Erie County Emergency Response and Planning Application Performs Plume Modeling", posted at DSSResources.COM March 6, 2005, Free HTML version. Model-driven DSS integrated with a Geographic Information System (GIS), also called a model-driven, spatial DSS.

  17. Tully, M., "E-Docs Asset GIS: Washington County, Iowa", March 6, 2006, Free HTML version. Web-based Spatial DSS with data and document-driven decision support subsystems.

    Cases in the Subscriber Zone

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  18. Alphablox Staff, "Pfizer uses Alphablox Web-based platform to create Sales Analysis Decision Support application", Alphablox, Inc., 2001, posted at DSSResources.COM October 27, 2001, HTML version.

  19. arcplan Staff, "Bayer's unique planning wizard system cures budgeting headaches", arcplan, Inc., January 2000, posted at DSSResources.COM April 30, 2001, HTML version.

  20. Barton, P., "The George Washington University Data-Driven Decision Support Project", 2003, posted at DSSResources.COM August 15, 2003, HTML version.

  21. Biss, Andrew, "Dynasty Triage Advisor Enables Medical Decision Support", 2002, posted at DSSResources.COM December 21, 2002, HTML version.

  22. Brio Staff, "AAA Carolinas Completely Functional with Brio in One Week", Brio, Inc., July 2001, posted at DSSResources.COM August 15, 2001, HTML version, Free PDF version.

  23. Business Objects Staff, "Shell Delivers the New Face of Fuel Retailing with Business Objects", Business Objects, Inc., 2000, posted at DSSResources.COM September 2, 2001, HTML version, Free PDF version.

  24. Cognos Staff, "Bayer UK effectively manages corporate performance with Cognos Series 7", Cognos, Inc., August 2002, posted at DSSResources.COM August 26, 2002, HTML version.

  25. Comshare Staff, "BMW Manufacturing operation in South Carolina chose Comshare Decision as its Business Intelligence (BI) solution", Comshare, Inc., January 2001, posted at DSSResources.COM April 13, 2001, HTML version, Free PDF version.

  26. DataBeacon Staff, "Databeacon Goes Back to the Future in San Francisco", DataBeacon, Inc., Spring 2001, posted at DSSResources.COM June 17, 2001, HTML version.

  27. DataBeacon Staff, "Pfizer integrates DataBeacon into Model Factory", DataBeacon, Inc., Spring 2001, posted at DSSResources.COM May 15, 2001, HTML version.

  28. Decisioneering Staff, "SunTrust 'Banks' on Crystal Ball for assessing the risk of commercial loans", Decisioneering, Inc., November 1998, posted at DSSResources.COM March 16, 2001, HTML version.

  29. Documentum Staff, "Optimizing Aircraft Maintenance Operations using a Document-driven DSS", Documentum, Inc., 2001, posted at DSSResources.COM May 17, 2003, HTML version.

  30. ePeople Staff, "Customer-focused decision support at OpSource", 2003, posted at DSSResources.COM October 24, 2003, HTML version.

  31. eRoom Staff, "Naval Medicine CIOs use collaboration and knowledge-sharing decision support application", eRoom, Inc., 2002, posted at DSSResources.COM August 2, 2002, HTML version.

  32. EXSYS Staff, "IAP Systems Using Exsys CORVID Expert System Software to Support Corporate Families on Overseas Assignments", EXSYS, Inc., 2002, posted at DSSResources.COM May 12, 2002, HTML version.

  33. Insightful Staff, "Merck Deploys Web-Based Drug Discovery Visualization System", Insightful, Inc., 2002, posted at DSSResources.COM February 5, 2002, HTML version.

  34. Lyons, T., "Maytag International Refines Data Distribution with DI-Diver", Dimensional Insight, Inc., February 2001, posted at DSSResources.COM February 28, 2001, HTML version.

  35. Messak, M., "Decision Support for Mayfield, NY Fire and Emergency Medical Services", 2003, posted at DSSResources.COM November 28, 2003, HTML version.

  36. Microsoft Staff, "Pennzoil-Quaker State Select SQL Server 2000 Analysis Services for Comprehensive Business Intelligence Solution", Microsoft, Inc., January 2002, posted at DSSResources.COM June 17, 2002, HTML version.

  37. MicroStrategy Staff, "Business Intelligence = $$$ for ShopKo Stores", MicroStrategy, Inc., July 2001, posted at DSSResources.COM July 17, 2001, HTML version.

  38. Nucleus Research Staff, "Return on Investment Profile: Microsoft SharePoint Portal Server", Nucleus Research, April 2001, posted at DSSResources.COM May 5, 2001, HTML version.

  39. Palisade Staff, "Procter & Gamble Uses @RISK and PrecisionTree World-Wide", Palisade Corp., Spring 2001, posted at DSSResources.COM May 22, 2001, HTML version.

  40. Pontz, C. and D. J. Power, "Building an Expert Assistance System for Examiners (EASE) at the Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry", November 2002, posted at DSSResources.COM November 14, 2002, HTML version.

  41. Power, D. J. and R. M. Roth, "Ertl's Decision Support Journey", 2003, posted at DSSResources.COM January 31, 2003, HTML version.

  42. ProClarity Staff, "ProClarity Helps Major Preferred Provider Organization Enhance its Value in Many Ways", ProClarity Corp., 2002, posted at DSSResources.COM April 14, 2002, HTML version.

  43. ProModel Staff, "MeritCare Health System uses simulation to optimize integration of service areas into new day unit", posted at DSSResources.COM January 9, 2004, HTML version.

  44. Silicon Graphics Staff, "Product development decision support at Lockheed Martin", sgi, Inc., 2002, posted at DSSResources.COM October 16, 2002, HTML version.

  45. Silicon Graphics Staff, "Thomson Consumer Products Division uses visualization technology for decision support", sgi, Inc., 2002, posted at DSSResources.COM March 7, 2003, HTML version.

  46. Sugumaran, R. and J. Meyer, "Building a Web-Based Spatial Decision Support System (WEBSDSS) for Environmental Planning and Management", 2003, posted at DSSResources.COM June 14, 2003, HTML version.

  47. TechComm Associates Staff, "Estimating software yields higher profits at Liberty Brass", Micro Estimating Systems, 2001, posted at DSSResources.COM April 4, 2003, HTML version.

  48. Teradata Staff, "Understanding customers' preferences at Applebee's International", Teradata, a division of NCR Corporation, 2002, posted at DSSResources.COM September 19, 2002, HTML version.

  49. Teradata Staff, "Closing the Tax Gap in Iowa", posted at DSSResources.COM February 21, 2004, HTML version.

  50. Vollmer, E., "Anderson Clayton Corp. Delivers Real-Time Business Intelligence to U.S. Cotton Growers", arcplan, May 2002, posted at DSSResources.COM July 12, 2002, HTML version.

  51. Walton, Matt S., III, "Rebuilding an Emergency Operations Center for NYC following 9/11", 2003, posted at DSSResources.COM September 11, 2003, HTML version.

  52. Wasyluk, O. John, and Daniel Saaty, "Developing a Portfolio Approach to Capital Investment: A Case Study in Re-Engineering Resource Allocation at the U.S. Department of Veteran's Affairs", Expert Choice, Inc., 2001, posted at DSSResources.COM December 14, 2001, HTML version.

  53. Young, James R., Geoff Rabone, Scott Akenhead and Ed Gregr, "HydroBasin: Relicensing Planning for Hydroelectric Watersheds", Facet Decision Making, 2000, posted at DSSResources.COM November 18, 2001, HTML version, Free PDF Version.