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Table of Contents

  1. Artificial Intelligence
  2. Business Process Reengineering
  3. Creativity tools
  4. Data Warehousing
  5. Geographic Information Systems
  6. Human-Computer Interaction
  7. Management Science
  8. Multicriteria and Baysian Decision tools
  9. Software Engineering
  10. Systems Science
  • Artificial Intelligence (Return to top)

    The AI, Cognitive Science and Robotics WWW Resource Page (URL is University College London's "guide to WWW resources in the following research areas: Artificial Intelligence and Computer Science; Cognitive Science, Psychology and Linguistics; Neural Networks, Neurosciences, Genetic Programming, Artificial Life; and Robotics, Agent Modelling and Vision. There are also interdisciplinary links in the following sections: Conferences, Workshops and Seminars; Journals and Publishers; Usenet FAQs; Resource Guides, Bibliographies, Indices." Also visit the Artificial Intelligence Repository at Carnegie Mellon University. Also check Ravi Krovi's AI Resource Directory and/or Dan O'Leary's pages.

  • Business Process Reengineering (Return to top)

    Yogesh Malhotra maintains a WWW page on Business Process Reengineering at URL Business Process Reengineering ( BPR ) On-Line Learning at URL: is a source for on-line reference material for reengineering teams; BPR articles, case studies, books, tutorial series; an excellent resource, very comprehensive. The Business Process Reengineering (BPR) page of the ISWorld Net at URL provides a single entry point to resources related to research, study and practice on BPR.

  • Creativity tools (Return to top)

    Check Introducing the Idea Edge at URL: Summary: "In the new era of business taking shape around us, the single most important task of managers will be to harness the creative power of workers to advance the goals of the enterprise." We may all recognize that creativity and innovation are key to future organizational success and provide a critical competitive edge.

  • Data Warehousing (Return to top)

    The Data Warehousing Institute is at URL The Data Warehousing Information Center (URL target="new") is a major collection of relevant information for DSS practioners interested in building DSS linked to databases. According to webmaster Larry Greenfield of LGI Systems Incorporated, the purposes of the site are to: "help locate vendors of tools to build, access, and manage data warehousing and decision support systems, point to many other sources of information, and add my owns rants and raves about data warehousing and decision support systems." Check Seth Grime's OLAP Page. Also, check the DSSResources.COM Data-Driven DSS page. A general page is the DBMS Buyer's Guide (URL

  • Geographic Information Systems (Return to top)

    First, check Peter Keenan's Spatial DSS page. A major website called the Geographic Information Systems Resources and Links (URL is maintained by the U.S. Geological Survey, a bureau of the Department of the Interior. Also, check GIS and GIP Software Listing and the Xerox PARC Map Viewer and Mapquest, an interactive atlas.

  • Human-Computer Interaction (Return to top)

    Michael Ericson maintains a collection of Human-Computer Interaction Resources (URL His site includes links to HCI-related resources on the Internet, including: resource collections, lab projects, theses in progress, bibliographies, guidelines, standards, organizations, newsgroups, etc. Also, check the Index of HCI-related Material on the Web (URL maintained by Hans de Graff at Delft in the Netherlands and the WWW Virtual Library Index on Human-Computer Interaction (URL Finally, Brad Myers has a site on User Interface Software Tools that is related to both Human-Computer Interaction and Software Engineering topics. Brad is a member of the Computer Science Department at Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA.

  • Management Science (Return to top)

    A major site is Michael Trick's Operations Research Page (URL Harvey Greenberg maintains a comprehensive Mathematical Programming glossary (URL The Optimization Technology Center is an excellent resource; visitors should especially check the case studies.

  • Multicriteria and Baysian Decision tools (Return to top)

    A major resource in this area is the Software for Belief Networks Directory (URL maintained by Russell Almond. It is hosted by the University of Washington Statistics Department. This site "describes software for processing graphical belief function models, and related modes such as Bayesian networks, influence diagrams, and probabilistic graphical models." ... "Each entry ... contains information about features of the software and contact information. Pricing information includes the date the price was last updated as this information may vary from time to time. Hyperlinks take you to demo versions (or actual software for free software) when it is available on-line." You may also want to check the Lumina web site.

  • Software Engineering (Return to top)

    A good starting place for Software Engineering information on the web is the WWW Virtual Library - Software Engineering page (URL Also, check the Software Engineering Archives (URL "These are the World-Wide Web archives for USENET newsgroup, including the Frequently-Asked Questions (FAQ) postings." Maintained by David Alex Lamb at the Software Technology Laboratory of the Department of Computing and Information Science at Queen's University in Kingston, Canada.

  • Systems Science (Return to top)

    There are a number of Systems Science related sites, but a good collection of links can be found at the Systems Science Links page (URL This site has links to web pages about Systems Science, Cybernetics, Chaos Theory, Artificial Intelligence, Automation, CAD, CIM, Real Time Systems, Virtual Reality, Speech Research, and Groupware. Also, check Hossein Arsham's Systems Simulation page