HTML and Programming Links

The links with checks are our favorites.

HTML Links

  • HTML Goodies has excellent tutorials. Joe Burns and Earthweb have teamed up to create a great website. We recommend you buy the book, HTML Goodies
  • JimTools ( many different new and innovative tools to improve web sites. It also has an HTML toolkit.
  • Merchant's Encyclopedia of HTML This page has information on many html tags. These pages are meant to be used as a supplement to a tutorial or to remember tags, but not as a tutorial.
  • NetMechanic can find HTML errors with its HTML toolbox. It also has several other website-management tools.
  • Web Developers Virtual Library(WDVL) A comprehensive catalog of over 1100 links to resources for web development. They have HTML, JavaScript, CGI, PERL, and Java tutorials.
  • A Beginner's Guide to HTML. NCSA's original beginners guide to creating and coding HTML.
  • Advanced HTML for Beginners. URL It contains basic and advanced tutorials intended for beginners.
  • HTML: An Interactive Tutorial for Beginners. Covers basic HTML tags. Includes a practice Notepad to check tags.
  • Project Cool Developer Zone has HTML tutorials, graphics, DHTML, XML, and reference pages.
  • The University of Texas at Austin GSLIS Tutorial Junction at URL
  • webmonkey A How-to-Guide for Web Developers from Hot Wired. Contains 3 levels of tutorials - beginners, builders, and masters.

Programming Links

Web Style Guides

  • Yale C/AIM WWW Style Manual Yale Center for Advanced Instructional Media. This manual describes the design principles used to create the pages within the Center for Advanced Instructional Media's (C/AIM) World Wide Web site.
  • SpiderPro offers a free web style guide consisting of 100 do's and don'ts in Web design. The website also has information on setting up a website, from advertising to hosting to HTML.
  • Pointers To Creating Successful Business Web Pages This site was put together by Jim Heath and a group of professional copywriters. It links to sites with features that work and others that don't, with commentary on the why and how of preparing attractive web pages.
  • Great Website Design Tips


  • Icon Bazaar has 25 categories of free pictures, a 216-color color table, and links to many other free image sites.
  • is a free onlineservice which provides real-time generation of customized graphics.
  • provides a free On-Line Icon Generator that you can use to generateicons for your website that appear by bookmarked sites in IE5.0 .
  • Hexadecimal Color Codes explains how to use the hexadecimal color codes and what they are.


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