Multimedia Decision Support

This page assists you in accessing some specific resources related to Multimedia and especially Interactive Video Decision Support. I have an Intel Create and Share Camera Pack on my personal workstation. You can contact me for an Interactive Video call using Netmeeting by going to IP# If my workstation is turned on it is set to automatically accept incoming calls.

Multimedia Decision Support is the fusion of video, computer and decision support technologies. A video program and various computer programs including a white board run in tandem under the control of decision maker users. In multimedia decision support, the decision makers' actions, choices, and decisions affect the way in which the interaction unfolds, the information that is reviewed and discussed, the analyses that are performed and the actions that are agreed to.

The Internet and ISDN networks provide a viable, affordable delivery mechanism for the deployment of multimedia decision support applications to manager's desktops.

An Example

Flagstar Bank, FSB (Nasdaq:FLGS) won the 1997 Computerworld Smithsonian Award for it's use of information technology in the Finance, Insurance, and Real Estate category. Flagstar Banks Lenders' Interactive Video Exchange (LIVE)* merges Intel ProShare conferencing systems with automated underwriting technologies to allow the home buyer and loan underwriter to meet face to face and get loans approved within the hour, regardless of where the loan originated. Usually this process takes weeks and the prospective home owner has no contact with the person who actually makes the decision. (check


Belmont Research Inc. has a product called CrossGraphs. It is a multidimensional data visualization and graphical reporting tool.

Visible Decisions Inc. (VDI) specializes in the development of 3D interactive business visualization tools and solutions that are used by business experts to build and deploy business visualization components for data mining and decision support applications. Finance, oil and gas, marketing, telecommunications, and government constitute key markets for VDI products and services.


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