Building Web-based DSS

Web-Based DSS

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About Web-based DSS

Web-Based DSS deliver decision support information or decision support tools to a manager or business analyst using a "thin-client" Web browser like Netscape Navigator or Internet Explorer that is accessing the Global Internet or a corporate intranet. The computer server that is hosting the DSS application is linked to the user's computer by a network with the TCP/IP protocol. Web-Based DSS can be communications-driven, data-driven, document-driven, knowledge-driven, model-driven or a hybrid. Web technologies can be used to implement any category or type of DSS. Web-based means the entire application is implemented using Web technologies; Web-enabled means key parts of an application like a database remain on a legacy system, but the application can be accessed from a Web-based component and displayed in a browser.

Building Web-Based and Interorganizational Decision Support Systems

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