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Schoderbek, Kefalas, and Schoderbek, 1975

Creating integrated systems to provide information for management decision making has been a goal for many years. Schoderbek, Kefalas and Schoderbek noted in 1975 that "Efforts have been made in many companies to design a total data base and then to use that base to generate the necessary information. To be sure, there has been some integration of data in many organizations, but, for the most part, this has been true for those systems utilizing the same kinds of related data. This similarity of inputs is one of the requirements of an integrated system; if compatibility of data does not exist, the system is not integrated. (p. 221)"

from Schoderbek, P. P., A. G. Kefalas and C. G. Schoderbek, Management Systems: Conceptual Considerations, Dallas, TX: Business Publications, Inc., 1975.

appeared in DSS News, August 4, 2002, Vol. 3, No. 16