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Decision Support System (DSS)

A DSS is an interactive computer-based system or subsystem intended to help decision makers use communications technologies, data, documents, knowledge and/or models to identify and solve problems, complete decision process tasks, and make decisions. Decision Support System is a general term for any computer application that enhances a person or group's ability to make decisions. Also, Decision Support Systems refers to an academic field of research that involves designing and studying Decision Support Systems in their context of use. In general, Decision Support Systems are a class of computerized information system that support decision-making activities. Five more specific Decision Support System types include:

  • Communications-driven DSS

  • Data-driven DSS

  • Document-driven DSS

  • Knowledge-driven DSS

  • Model-driven DSS

A decision support system (DSS) is an organized collection of people, procedures, specialized software, databases, and computing devices used to help make decisions that solve problems at all levels of management. DSS focus on improving decision-making effectiveness regarding unstructured or semi-structured problems.

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