A Brief History of DSSResources.COM

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The DSS Research Resources home page started during summer 1995 as a way of organizing the vast amounts of information on DSS found during Webcrawler and Alta Vista searches for DSS-related web sites. The original logo was:

DSS Research 

From October 2, 1995 to January 1, 1997, the DSS Research Resources website transmitted more than 300,000 files to visitors in more than 50 countries. In 1997, almost 1500 files per day were transmitted from a Quarterdeck WebStar server running on an Apple Macintosh IIci at http://power.cba.uni.edu/ and from a SUN Sparc 4 workstation running Netscape Commerce server at URL http://dss.cba.uni.edu. By 1997, the DSS Research Resources home page had been transmitted to more than 12000 visitors. Approximately, 20% of the visitors had been at nodes located at U.S. Universities and more than 30% of the visitors have been at nodes of U.S. and multinational companies including Bell Atlantic, Cray Research, Chevron, Duke Power, Dupont, Hewlett Packard, IBM Corporation, Microsoft Corporation, Polaroid, Sony and Xerox.

In 1997, the site had more than 40 Web pages. Web pages included: DSS Books; DSS Companies; DSS Glossary;DSS Researchers Directory;DSS Spreadsheet Links; DSS Web Tour;DW/OLAP page;General DSS Related WWW Links;Top 5! DSS web sites;University DSS Links; Web DSS Demos.

The name of the site was changed to DSS Resources in Spring 1998. The domain name dssresources.com was registered at that time with Internic. In late 1998 and early January 1999 DSS Resources moved to a second generation design with a new logo and format. The revised DSS Resources home page was posted January 15, 1999. For more details, see the What's new! pages.

We activated the DSSResources.COM web site on 09/28/1999.

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