SpreadsheetGear releases Microsoft Excel compatible spreadsheet component for the Microsoft .NET Framework

LENEXA, Kan., Sept. 20, 2005 -- Today, SpreadsheetGear LLC announced the immediate availability of SpreadsheetGear for .NET, a royalty free Microsoft Excel compatible spreadsheet component built by industry veterans for the Microsoft .NET Framework. SpreadsheetGear for .NET provides Microsoft .NET Framework developers the tool they need to leverage the existing skills of Microsoft Excel users by allowing these users to receive richly formatted information, design reports, specify business rules, set up complex calculations and provide tables of data in a form in which they are both knowledgeable and comfortable.

"For more than twenty years, we have been creating and leading the development of high performance spreadsheet technology which is used by most of the Fortune 500. In 2003, we started work on SpreadsheetGear for .NET with a commitment to delivering the most reliable, most scalable and highest performance spreadsheet components for the Microsoft .NET Framework. We have a passion for performance, an obsession with quality, and we are focused on customer satisfaction," said Joe Erickson, Founder and CEO of SpreadsheetGear.

"With SpreadsheetGear, we finally have a company that understands our requirements in regards to supporting the Microsoft Excel file format in the Microsoft .NET Framework," according to Tim Tow, President of Applied OLAP, Inc. and former Microsoft Excel MVP. "SpreadsheetGear has the vision and the ability to provide the advanced spreadsheet functionality our customers expect in our products."

"Microsoft Excel is the lingua franca for the world of information delivery and analysis. SpreadsheetGear for .NET improves on Microsoft .NET's ability to communicate with this world in all sorts of solutions including Windows Forms applications created with Microsoft Visual Basic .NET, ASP.NET applications developed with Microsoft Visual C#, Microsoft Office solutions built with Microsoft Visual Studio Tools for Office and mission-critical distributed services architected with Microsoft Visual Studio Team System 2005," said Terry Erickson, Chief Software Architect for SpreadsheetGear.

SpreadsheetGear for .NET Key Features

-- Create, read, modify, calculate and write Microsoft Excel workbooks without Excel.

-- Easily convert entire workbooks or specific ranges to a DataSet or DataTable.

-- The fastest and most complete Microsoft Excel compatible calculation engine available.

-- 235 functions, all operators, defined names, data tables, arrays, custom functions and more.

-- All number formats, alignment, fonts, borders, colors, patterns, cell protection and merged cells.

-- Visual Studio.NET 2003 and Visual Studio.NET 2005 integration, including IntelliSense and Dynamic Help.

-- Supports Microsoft .NET Framework 1.1, Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 and 64-Bit Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0.

-- Royalty free and hassle free deployment with no license keys, registry entries or configuration files.

-- Easy to use API which will be familiar to Microsoft Excel VBA and COM developers.

-- The security of 100 percent safe managed code.

Fully functional evaluations of SpreadsheetGear for .NET may be downloaded from .

About SpreadsheetGear

SpreadsheetGear LLC is a privately held software publisher located in Lenexa, Kansas. The company was founded by Joe Erickson in 2003 to develop a new generation of Microsoft Excel compatible spreadsheet components for the Microsoft .NET Framework, including Windows Forms, ASP.NET, SQL Server and Microsoft Office solutions. Since 1984, Erickson has led the development of the Smart Spreadsheet, Wingz for Macintosh, Formula One VBX, Formula One ActiveX and Formula One for Java.

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