Decisioneering Services to provide clients with risk analysis expertise

Consulting Services to Support Clients' Critical Business Decisions

DENVER, CO, Oct. 27, 2005 -- Decisioneering(R), Inc., an innovator of software and services for risk analysis and optimization, today announced it has partnered with Vose Consulting US, LLC, to launch Decisioneering Services, an offering that will provide customers with the solutions they need to successfully complete their risk analysis projects.

Companies make critical business decisions under uncertainty everyday. However, they often lack resources, expertise and time when trying to use risk analysis to solve complex problems. Decisioneering Services now offers onsite or offsite consulting allowing clients to quickly get the business results they need.

"Understanding uncertainty and risk is very important in business," said Jim Franklin, CEO of Decisioneering. "Decisioneering Services team will provide tailored support so that companies can benefit from risk analysis immediately."

Decisioneering Services provides customers with a comprehensive range of onsite and offsite solutions such as:

* Modeling expertise for complex risk problems

* Crystal Ball model-building, report creation and presentation of results to management

* Risk management and help identifying and prioritizing risks

* Regional or on-site Crystal Ball training

Decisioneering Services' decision-focused approach works within the clients' time and resource constraints. Further, each consulting engagement allows customers the ability to learn appropriate risk analysis tools and techniques which they can then apply to future projects.

"Our aim is always to provide a supportive role to the client so that they keep control of the project, understands and learn from what we do and ultimately have confidence in, and therefore make good use of the results we produce," said David Vose, partner of Vose Consulting. "Partnering with Decisioneering will give our clients the software, tools, training and consulting services they need to gain the upper hand on risk."

Benefits of Decisioneering Services include:

* Accurate, clear and defensible risk analyses

* Getting the answers quickly by hiring an expert to model difficult or large business problems

* Having ready-to-run models and templates that can be applied and expanded for future projects

* Giving customers the ability to make the analysis and application of results their focus, not the intricacies of building models

* Learning how to vividly present and communicate analysis results by understanding risk analysis theory and tools

For more information on Decisioneering Services, visit

About Vose Consulting, LLC.

Founded in 1986, Vose Consulting is an independent risk analysis consulting firm with offices in the US, Europe and Russia, offering risk analysis expertise in three complimentary forms:

(1) Consultancy Services, ranging from general advice on risk management policies to specialized probabilistic modeling,

(2) Risk Analysis Training Courses ('in-house' and public courses), and

(3) ModelAssist, the most comprehensive risk analysis training and reference software available.

To contact Vose Consulting, call +1 609.279.0882 (in US) or +33 (0) 553 82 34 24 (outside US) or visit

About Decisioneering, Inc.

Founded in 1986, Denver-based Decisioneering, Inc., is a privately-held company that provides software, training and consulting services that simplify risk analysis and improve decision-making. The company's offerings include Crystal Ball, the industry-leading risk analysis package. For more information about the company, call 800.289.2550 (in US) or +1 303.534.1515 or visit Decisioneering's Web site,

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