Inmon Data Systems introduces DW 2.0(TM)

The Architecture for the Next Generation of Data Warehousing(C)

CASTLE ROCK, CO, December 7, 2005 -- Inmon Data Systems, a leading software company that analyzes, organizes and delivers unstructured data to the structured environment, today announced DW 2.0 -- the architecture for the next generation of data warehousing. Practitioners can use DW 2.0 as a guideline to build an authentic, modern data warehouse that includes important technological advancements such as near-line storage and information lifecycle management. DW 2.0 is available for free for private, non-commercial use at

"DW 2.0 should put an end to the confusion about what a data warehouse is and isn't," said Bill Inmon, Founder and President of Inmon Data Systems. "Some vendors and consultants have seriously misconstrued the meaning of a data warehouse. It's time to get back to what a data warehouse really is. DW 2.0 puts integrity back into the definition."

DW 2.0 is a clear and precise trademarked definition that incorporates features of early data warehouses as well as the latest advancements in data warehousing. It recognizes the need for subject-oriented data, time variancy, and detailed data consistent with early generation data warehouses. It also includes major advancements such as integrating unstructured data in the structured environment, integrity processing as it relates to transaction processing, and the tight integration of metadata. By following the DW 2.0 architecture, you should get a full 360-degree view of your enterprise.

About Inmon Data Systems

Inmon Data Systems (IDS) is a leading software company whose technology bridges the gap between unstructured data and structured data in the corporation. IDS software features unstructured visualization and a facility for integrating corporate communications, such as email and telephone conversations, into the structured environment. With as much as 80% of corporate data classified as unstructured, the need for reconciling it cannot be emphasized enough. IDS software is one of the more promising advancements in data warehousing that should improve business intelligence and provide a 360-degree view of the customer.

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Contact Information
Guy Hildebrand
Inmon Data Systems
Tel: 760.346.1104

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