Blue Agave's Active Performance Management 2.0 drives operational excellence

Real-Time Metrics Deliver Unprecedented Visibility and Crucial Analysis

CAMBRIDGE, Mass., June 8, 2004 -- Blue Agave Software, Inc. today introduced the first solution to help consumer goods suppliers achieve operational excellence with real-time insight into how their business is running from the factory floor to the store shelves. Blue Agave's Active Performance Management(TM) (APM) 2.0, which ships today, delivers enhanced platform capabilities and two new components, ActiveInsight and ActiveDataStore. These new components build on the company's vision for a complete solution suite that significantly improves overall operating performance and drives increased revenue and profitability for both suppliers and their retail customers.

Now organizations can see actual performance against key metrics, and then drill down to obtain the relevant operational data and understand exactly when, where and why they may be in jeopardy of missing targets, or what they must do to capitalize on new revenue opportunities, with enough time to modify their plan and positively impact the bottom line.

"For the first time, consumer goods suppliers have immediate access to both high-level and in-depth analysis of every aspect of their production, distribution and sell-through," said Patrick Tyne, vice president of product management at Blue Agave. "This up-to-the-minute visibility and response capability is exactly what organizations need to optimize their business performance in the short-cycle, and keep up with retailers' growing demands for 100 percent fill rates, near-perfect on-time delivery and ever-lower prices."

ActiveInsight allows consumer goods suppliers to compare business performance against their key metrics and take action when required. For example, managers can quickly learn if inventory at a particular location is falling short, and immediately understand why -- whether demand spiked or product shipments were short -- and adjust operations accordingly. Until now, companies have had to settle for a rear-view perspective on performance -- often requiring brute-force manual calculations or hours of manipulating homegrown spreadsheets.

Centralized Repository

APM 2.0 leverages the data integration platform that Blue Agave has developed, to consolidate crucial data from multiple, disparate sources across the extended network, providing a repository for information where none currently exists. ActiveDataStore provides the first unified system of record for collecting, organizing, and managing real-time information from external partners like retailers, suppliers or logistics providers, to power both real-time action and comprehensive analytics and reporting. With ActiveDataStore, teams within an organization finally have a normalized, consistent view of data regardless of its source or format.

APM 2.0's highly scalable and manageable platform easily supports thousands of users, and can be seamlessly integrated with other technology solutions. Blue Agave's solutions are being used today to support leading consumer goods suppliers with retailer networks comprised of tens-of-thousands of stores, and millions of item / store location combinations.

Driving Top Performance with Real-Time Metrics

Blue Agave's Active Performance Management(TM) 2.0 suite brings the real- time visibility and response capabilities of ActiveResponse (launched in October 2003) to all levels of the business -- from the hands-on operations team to the managers responsible for the overall performance of the business.

The enhanced solution:

-- proactively identifies breakdowns -- revenue at risk, orders at risk, stock-outs, excess inventory and material shortages -- and directs actionable recommendations to shift production, inventory, logistics or delivery rapidly and cost-effectively.

-- leverages point-of-sale (POS) data and information from internal transaction and planning systems to improve retail performance in real-time to capitalize on new opportunities and avoid revenue- threatening problems, including stock-outs and short orders.

-- provides real-time insight into how operational performance stacks up to promised performance, aiding suppliers in meeting retailer requirements. -- delivers the first system of record that actively collects, manages and organizes external data from disparate systems across the extended supply chain, powering both real-time action and comprehensive analytics and reporting.

Blue Agave's Active Performance Management 2.0, which consists of ActiveResponse, ActiveInsight, and ActiveDataStore, can be deployed and delivering benefits in as little as 10-14 weeks. Pricing starts at $250K.

Active Performance Management is a trademark of Blue Agave Software, Inc. All trademarks are property of their respective owners.

About Blue Agave Software

Blue Agave Software helps consumer goods suppliers raise operational performance and maximize revenue opportunities by improving response to sudden and often unexpected shifts in supply, demand and logistics. Its Active Performance Management suite delivers millions of dollars in incremental revenue and cost savings, and helps companies meet service requirements by proactively resolving the most common operating challenges, such as stock- outs, late orders, excess inventory and material shortages. The software identifies and recommends actions for operational anomalies, monitors key aspects of business performance against company targets and provides root- cause analysis to successfully drive continuous improvement. Blue Agave is a privately held company headquartered in Cambridge, Mass. and can be reached at or (617) 621-3400.

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