Connotate Agent Suite uses machine intelligence to harness Web; financial applications include unique market data, real time web monitors, and automated web research

A powerful, easy to use, platform for harnessing valuable streams of Web information. Money managers, traders, analysts and researchers are empowered through a wide range of software agents providing content, data, and unique, essential information.

NEW BRUNSWICK, N.J., June 8, 2004 -- As a leader in Web mining and Web interaction solutions, Connotate Technologies, Inc., located in New Brunswick, New Jersey announced today the introduction of Connotate's Agent Suite.(TM) The new solution combines Connotate's Web Mining Server,(TM) Agent Library,(TM) and the AlertMonitor(TM) into one unified offering. It also builds upon Connotate's machine intelligence and web mining technologies, along with its easy to use graphical user interface (GUI), which eliminates the need for programming.

"There is a tremendous amount of data streaming constantly from the Web," says Bruce Molloy, Connotate's CEO. While current technology updates as much as several times a day, the sheer enormity of it all, which industry sources claim is approximately 500 billion pages in size, makes it extremely difficult to use. Connotate's Agent Suite offers a new solution to this problem." Application areas include finance, news, publishing, Homeland Security, and business intelligence.

Real World Applications in Finance

-- Utilize Valuable, Unique Data Sources and Data Feeds - Data agents can be configured to monitor any of the 500 billion Web pages currently available. New information posted to a site can be automatically converted into real time data. Exotic foreign market sites, energy sites, commodity sites and many more can be transformed into streaming data.

-- Monitor Specific Breaking News Such As Earnings Releases - Monitoring agents associated with a company's site can watch earnings releases during scheduled windows of time. Agents can wait for unexpected news. Sites can also be monitored for changes in management, product news, partnership developments, and business opportunities. Results can be sent to several devices including E-mail, workstations, databases, and IM.

-- Configure Automated Personal Research Assistants - Research agents can monitor and aggregate information from numerous sources. This information can be personalized through filters, classifiers and value added processing. Complete personalized HTML reports can be generated and delivered automatically. Research departments can leverage existing expertise and greatly enhance productivity.

-- Arbitrage Inefficient Markets - Harvesting agents enable the creation and execution of new arbitrage strategies. Many areas of opportunity exist including energy, commodities, foreign, exotic and emerging markets.

-- Integrate and/or Aggregate Valuable Web Content - Integration agents can be placed on any HTML Web site thus "XML/Web Service enabling" the site in just hours; government databases can be extracted and repurposed, diverse portfolio, fund, and account information can be integrated and/or aggregated.

Connotate Agent Suite(TM) - Feature Rich

-- Agents Empower Every Information Consumer in the Organization- From an organizational perspective, agents are highly effective conduits for connecting individual users with the data sources they require. By making the output of given data sources consistent and reliable, productivity increases significantly as less time is spent on manually monitoring, scrubbing, and formatting information.

-- Connotate Agent Suite(TM) Offers End to End Solution. Based on market input, and hundreds of meetings with both companies and industry analysts, Connotate created the Connotate Agent Suite. Combining Connotate's Web Mining Server, Agent Library, and the AlertMonitor into one unified offering, the solution builds upon Connotate's machine intelligence and Web mining technologies, along with the company's easy to use GUI, which eliminates the need for programming.

-- Agent types include: Data extraction, monitoring, research, and integration

-- GUI-based agent creation, incorporated with machine intelligence, eliminates programming

-- Robust platform is reliable, scalable, and fast

-- APIs include integration points with data-feeds, databases, and other systems v Connotate Web Mining Server(TM)

A comprehensive solution for monitoring, harvesting, mining and integrating content from the Internet, Intranets and Extranets, its point and click user interface is intuitive and easy to use.

-- Create Robust Agents in Minutes Using AI Graphical Interface - The entire process is GUI- based requiring no programming.

-- Transform the Web into Your Own Database - Information agents can be configured to transform unstructured Web data into valuable structured information and deliver this information to databases, other destinations including E-mail, spreadsheets, and XML.

-- Agents Navigate on Your Behalf: Follow Links, Fill in Forms, Utilize Passwords - Software agents can navigate to the sources of information using a variety of techniques

-- Mine the Deep Web Using Automated Parameterization - Agents automatically step through lists of parameter values, and return sets of results.

-- XML, Web Services 'Wrap' Any Web Site. Integration agents can be invoked programmatically through a standard web services API. Content-driven applications can now make calls to the "World Wide Web Data Warehouse."

Connotate Agent Library & Server

The Agent Library is an intuitive, user-centric interface for accessing a variety of powerful software agents. Users can subscribe to and personalize selected agents. A subscription screen is provided for managing and editing subscriptions. The Agent Server provides value added processing such as advanced filtering, classification, and change detection. It is designed as an extensible platform.

-- Subscribing to an Agent Takes Minutes - Upon entering the library, a user can select an agent by category or keyword. Creating subscriptions is easy.

-- Watch Lists Help Manage Subscriptions - Every user is given their own window for monitoring and editing subscriptions. Configurations and schedules can be changed at any time. Subscriptions can be made active or inactive reflecting seasonal or quarterly events.

-- Personalization Includes Filtering and Change Detection - Users can customize each subscription. Change detection watches for given changes and delivers data only when they occur.

-- Rich Scheduling Capabilities - The Information Agent Library(TM) provides basic and advanced scheduling modes. Schedules can be created to give more attention to selected event windows.

-- Information Delivery For Both Humans And Computers - Agents can deliver to E-mail, Blackberry, IM, spreadsheets, desktop news displays, databases, XML, and more.

Connotate AlertMonitor(TM)

Configure your own personalized news monitor.

-- AlertMonitor - Monitoring and Alerting - The AlertMonitor,(TM) allows each user to choose what information is important and to keep a small 'news ticker' in the corner of their screen.

-- User Information Consolidation - AlertMonitor provides a single, consistent, unified view of Web site information originating from multiple sources.

About Connotate Technologies, Inc.

Connotate Technologies was founded by world-renowned data mining, and machine learning scientists from Rutgers University. Its products and services enable users to monitor and extract multi-dimensional content from any unstructured source. Content is converted into XML, the new language of the Internet, and is enhanced, personalized and delivered to portals, business intelligence, knowledge management or content management databases, or directly to the user via E-mail or wireless devices. Incorporating Web services adds a significant dimension to these capabilities. Connotate is privately held with venture funding from Trautman-Wasserman, Inc. For more information on Connotate Technologies, visit the Web site at

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