CAPITAL Card Services strengthens its data mining with KXEN solution

San Francisco, December 21, 2009 -- CAPITAL Card Services, Inc., (CAPITAL), a leader in portfolio management and card outsourcing solutions, today announced success in accelerating its analytics time-to-market solutions by adopting an advanced data mining automation suite from KXEN.

Providing a range of support services to credit card issuers, including loss prevention and business intelligence, the Sioux Falls, South Dakota firm has speeded up by as much as four times its analytical model building and variable reduction processes. As a consequence, models and strategies are redeveloped, calibrated, and implemented more quickly.

Before deploying the KXEN solution, CAPITAL relied on a previous generation alternative, but found it too time consuming in use. The company chose KXEN after an evaluation of several different data mining tools as Alfred Furth, Portfolio Analytics Manager at CAPITAL, explains.

“KXEN’s speed and algorithm are right in line with our understanding of how a data mining and predictive analytics solution should work,” he says. “In particular the variable selection method that KXEN uses is superior to any of the others we looked at. That’s allowed us to consider variables that we might have missed before, giving us better quality results. Also, using KXEN, we’ve been able to significantly decrease the amount of time spent on reducing the number of variables to use in model development and therefore we have more time understanding the smaller number of variables and the effect that they have on the business.”

Furth added that KXEN’s technology had set a new internal benchmark for model quality, against which models produced by other means can be measured. Only those that get close to the KXEN score pass the test. For the future, CAPITAL is considering utilizing KXEN in deploying Account Management strategies such as collections, fraud and retention.

“With KXEN, CAPITAL has built an automated model development and validation process to deliver their clients high level of services that is now a requirement in today’s market,” said Dr. Omid Razavi, President of North America Operations for KXEN. “Business Managers, using KXEN, are able to rapidly identify key variables to fine tune their strategies and improve business performance. Through partnership with CAPITAL, KXEN continues to help both risk and marketing practices in the financial services industry.”

About CAPITAL Card Services, Inc.

CAPITAL is a leading servicer of MasterCard and Visa accounts for financial and non-financial institutions, nationwide. CAPITAL provides turnkey account acquisition services, underwriting strategies, marketing, customer service, collections, and portfolio management services for its clients. For more information about CAPITAL, go to

About KXEN

KXEN, The Data Mining Automation Company™ delivers next-generation Customer Lifecycle Analytics to enterprises that depend on analytics as a competitive advantage. KXEN's Data Mining Automation Solution drives significant improvements in customer acquisition, retention, cross-sell and risk applications. Our solution integrates predictive analytics into strategic business processes, allowing our customers to drive greater value into their business. Find out more by visiting

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