MicroStrategy software can support over 40,000 mobile iPhone users on an 8-CPU server configuration

Benchmark Tests Show MicroStrategy Mobile for iPhone Can Deliver Typical iPhone BI Apps to More than 40,000 Users Over Both WiFi and 3G Networks

VIENNA, Va., Jan. 20, 2011 -- MicroStrategy® Incorporated (Nasdaq: MSTR), a leading worldwide provider of business intelligence (BI) software, today announced that in mobile BI application benchmark tests, MicroStrategy can support approximately 42,000 active iPhone users on an 8-CPU configuration, delivering average response times as fast as 1.6 seconds. This user population equates to approximately 210,000 total users assuming a 20% ratio of active users to total users.

The benchmark test results in MicroStrategy's High Performance and Scalability Lab further show that MicroStrategy is capable of sustaining such response times even as query volumes are increased to 775 KiloCycles, which equates to 775,000 round-trip queries per hour. The tests show an additional 2.3 second response time penalty using the 3G network compared to WiFi network operation as a result of 3G latency and lower bandwidth. The test ran using MicroStrategy 9.0.1m installed on commodity Intel-based hardware with the RedHat Linux ES and Windows 64-bit operating systems, with a typical retail price of $14,620.

Performance Test Details: The performance tests were conducted by adding increasing volumes of load onto the publicly accessible MicroStrategy Restaurant Trends iPhone application. The application consists of 9 interconnected screens that allow a total of 57 different analyses. The application is accessing 900GB of data hosted in a Microsoft SQL Server® installation. The performance tests were conducted using Borland Silk Performer® to simulate a typical workload of users accessing the MicroStrategy BI server by driving traffic volume to a target load according to a predesigned usage pattern.

MicroStrategy's High Performance Initiative: In April 2010, MicroStrategy announced the launch of its High Performance Initiative, which includes a dedicated team of performance engineers and a multi-million dollar state-of-the-art research laboratory equipped with the latest database hardware, software, and performance testing tools. MicroStrategy's engineering team runs hundreds of performance tests each week to benchmark software performance, further improve scale and performance, and uncover configuration options and design techniques to deliver higher performance for customers.

For nine consecutive years, MicroStrategy customers have analyzed the largest data volumes as compared to customers of all other BI products, according to The BI Survey, the largest independent survey of the BI market. In the latest BI Survey, 37% of MicroStrategy customers analyze over 1 terabyte vs. an average of 9.7% of BI customers in general. MicroStrategy's customers have some of the largest and most sophisticated BI deployments in the industry. Here are several examples:

Lowe's Companies: The second-largest home improvement retailer in the world, Lowe's has more than 38 terabytes of data. Lowe's has multiple MicroStrategy-based BI applications that support over 16,000 employees across a variety of business functions, including applications that allow store managers to access store reports and business metrics. In addition, Lowe's uses BI to help its suppliers and vendors monitor the performance of their products.

METRO GROUP: One of the largest and most international retailing companies, METRO GROUP uses MicroStrategy to analyze 80 terabytes of transactional, product, market, and customer data. MicroStrategy provides METRO GROUP with detailed insights to track business performance, optimize product assortment, and make timely decisions to enhance customer responsiveness. More than 15,000 employees across 30 countries use METRO GROUP's BI applications.

"Our research consistently shows performance is a key concern impacting BI implementations and organizations' abilities to provide faster and better decision making capabilities," said David Menninger, Ventana Research VP and Research Director. "A disciplined approach in measuring and improving performance such as MicroStrategy's High Performance Initiative provides real value to customers by addressing one of the key obstacles to a successful BI implementation."

"These benchmark tests show that MicroStrategy customers can confidently deploy mobile BI solutions to large user populations, without enormous investments in hardware, while still delivering the fast response times that people expect from mobile devices," said Sanju Bansal, MicroStrategy's Chief Operating Officer. "The ability to access business information 24x7 streamlines business processes, shortens decision-making time, and makes any location an office."

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