Conservative movement goes high tech with new all-in-one voter contact and tracking software

In Unprecedented Move, American Majority Action to Provide New Software FREE to Nation's Tea Party and Conservative Grassroots Organizations

WASHINGTON, March 29, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- In an effort to modernize the tactics and operations of America's conservative grassroots organizations and campaigns in this critical election year, American Majority Action has announced a groundbreaking partnership with Political Gravity™, a leader in software technology, to take to market a new high-tech campaign management program. The new software called Gravity is a next-generation political technology tool and an all-in-one solution to help communicate with and mobilize conservative voters across the country.

"Gravity will rocket conservatives past the high-tech approaches of the DNC and other progressive political groups," said Drew Ryun, president of American Majority Action. "This is the fusion of old-school grassroots tactics with the state-of-the-art technology. In recent years, conservatives have been out-gunned by their more liberal counterparts in utilizing technology as a means of promoting their message and mobilizing voters."

In an unprecedented move for any political software developer, American Majority Action will provide the software free to tea party groups and other conservative grassroots organizations around the country.

"This is essentially a campaign in box that brings the most modern, effective tactics down to the grassroots level," states Ryun. "It's a flexible, powerful platform that is affordable for campaigns local to state to federal. Instead of spending tens if not hundreds of thousands of dollars for expensive micro-targeting, VOIP and other technology, Gravity incorporates all that functionality into one affordable platform. Now every campaign - whether it's for school board or Congress - can afford to take a more efficient, effective, state-of-the-art approach."

Gravity is different than other campaign technology solutions because unlike current software, Gravity fuses Heat Mapping Technology, smart phone applications and tablet technology seamlessly with hard voter ID modeling. It uses advanced data-mining to pollinate voter databases, walk lists and phone bank targets. Gravity enables volunteers to canvass neighborhoods and ask person-to-person survey questions of voters, then rapidly flip those survey answers into a Get-Out-The-Vote model that gets smarter as more data is uploaded.

"This isn't data mining. This is hard ID'ing of voters - that face-to-face and personal contact that wins elections. The more information that is gathered, the more efficient and effective the turnout model can become. This is a tool that levels the playing field between David and Goliath," said Ryun.

An online voter database and outreach system, Gravity is equipped with all the technological tools any campaign or organization might need from smart phone mobile technology, to Internet phone banking to finance reporting. In the past, small, local campaigns or ballot initiatives would never have had access to this technology. Gravity makes it available for all levels of the process.

Unlike other tools built on a top-down model, Gravity is built from the ground up, using the building blocks of precincts to empower candidates from City Council to Congress. With a comprehensive voter database broken down by voting intensity, gender, age, and other pieces of auxiliary data, Gravity gives candidates and organizations the ability to reach the right voters with the right message.

Gravity eliminates nearly all of the inefficiencies that campaigns encounter in retail politics, from targeting the "right" voters to canvassing to database management.

"With Gravity, activists and campaigns can identify a high-value precinct, micro-target the voters they want to reach, create the most efficient route to door-knock and assign it to a volunteer in under two minutes," said Roy Magno, Executive Vice President of Political Gravity.

"Coming from the business world, where efficiency and time management are critical to success, I was surprised at the lack of both in politics. It is clear you have to work smarter to win," stated Magno.

"With a tool like this, the conservative movement's ability to win in the trenches is limitless," stated Ryun. Gravity is available now by contacting the company at


American Majority Action is a 501c4 that promotes the free market, American individualism and the belief that when American citizens engage in the political arena, real change happens. Through independent expenditures, the organization implements winning GOTV plans in targeted areas around the country along with conservative grassroots groups. After the election season is over, AMA helps hold the elected officials it helped win accountable once they take office through a combination of grassroots engagement and policy education.


Gravity is a powerful, affordable, user-friendly campaign management tool that is empowering the conservative movement using the latest technology. Gravity is built from the ground up, using the building blocks of precincts to empower candidates from City Council to Congress.

Thomas Basile 

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