What do virtual audiences really want?

New Certified Virtual Presenter Program ensures outstanding virtual presentations

SAN FRANCISCO, March 29, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Would you go to a doctor who is not certified to practice? Would you fly with a pilot who is not certified to fly? Then why would you expect an audience to listen to a virtual presenter who is not certified to present online?

Modern audiences are demanding better virtual experiences from skilled presenters. Many Fortune 500 companies and forward-thinking businesses are investing in virtual presenter certification.

Today, Rexi Media, the leader in virtual presentation skills training, announced the release of its Certified Virtual Presenter program for online presenters.

The Virtual Presenter Certification program is designed to train and certify business professionals on developing and delivering outstanding virtual presentations. The online certification program includes engaging self-paced modules, knowledge checks and review games. After studying these training modules, candidates complete an online certification exam.

Danielle Daly, Co-Founder at Rexi Media said, "The ultimate goal of our virtual presenter certification is to improve the experience of virtual meetings and events. It is time for business professionals to learn the core fundamentals of presenting virtually and how to keep participants engaged. This is a crucial skill for the business of the future. Our program enables virtual presenters to be exceptional in the online world." One of the largest telecom companies in the US recently stated, "I am convinced that the certification program from Rexi Media will lend a sense of integrity and authenticity to any audience you are addressing. This certification is well needed!"

Three levels of certification are available: Silver, Gold and Platinum. After completing the Silver level, candidates go on to become a Gold and Platinum certified presenter by taking advanced modules and demonstrating their virtual presentation skills.

Drew VanVooren, President of INXPO stated, "Rexi Media has developed a world-class, systematic approach to building skill sets that executives will need to thrive in a multi-platform, highly-connected world. While most C-level executives may be comfortable speaking before a live audience - delivering a clear message and compelling experience for the audience you can't see requires different skills. Rexi Media's unique, modular training approach is revolutionary in its design and unmatched in its ability to transform executives into confident, highly effective digital communicators."

Whether you are a doctor, a pilot or virtual presenter, you can serve others most effectively when you are trained and certified. Learn more at

About Rexi Media

Founded in 2007, Rexi Media works internationally to provide executive coaching and virtual presentation training designed to help business professionals give outstanding, memorable online presentations that transform audiences into advocates. For more information on Rexi Media visit For more information on the Virtual Presenter Certification Program register for free at .

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