TASC: rapid development of new apps brings mission mobility to the edge

TASC mobile apps expert says security and agile deployment are key

CHANTILLY, Va., April 11, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Mobile devices and applications developed by commercial companies can provide users significant strategic advantages and are high on the wanted list of technology leaders in the defense and intelligence communities, according to TASC, Inc.'s mobile solutions experts.  Integrating intuitive, secure mobile solutions is essential to staying ahead of adversaries and giving warfighters on the ground tools they need to extend their reach and respond faster to events.

"The potential for mobile apps is unlimited – and it doesn't take long for technology to evolve from imagination to innovation," says Tony Dahbura , technical director of TASC's Global Systems Business Unit.  TASC has helped prototype and integrate the software used in mobile devices to provide access to information systems and aid in the safe and secure distribution of data.  Some of the applications supported by TASC can utilize mobile devices to gather and share data on site, fuse multi-INT data to identify patterns over time, or allow the display, mark-up and sharing of a dashboard that is equivalent in size to 10 rolled sheets covering several walls in a room. 

"Agile mobile applications can help decision makers, warfighters and other personnel access critical data or global situational awareness information securely, no matter their location," says Dahbura.  "It's imperative that we harness these technological advances in a way that enhances U.S. security but doesn't threaten it at the same time."

Logistical hurdles such as budgetary restrictions, threats to users and infrastructure concerns are hindering the government's ability to integrate new mobile technologies rapidly.  According to Dahbura, the government needs to adopt policies and safeguards that ensure the integrity of data in real time, resolve certification and accreditation issues, and manage devices that get lost, stolen or destroyed.

Read more in Dahbura's presentation at the 2013 AFCEA Spring Intelligence Symposium Engagement Theater.

About TASC

Founded in 1966, TASC, Inc., helps solve complex national security and public safety challenges by providing advanced systems engineering, integration and decision-support services to the Intelligence Community, Department of Defense and civilian agencies of the federal government.  With more than 4,000 employees in 40 locations, TASC generates more than $1.5 billion in annual revenue.  For more information and career opportunities, visit our website at or email


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