Partners amplify Teradata Database analytic power

New Teradata Database drives new in-database analytics, exploits in-memory processing, delivers streamlined access to Hadoop, and enhances performance

SAN DIEGO, Sept. 18, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Teradata (NYSE: TDC), the leading analytic data solutions company, today announced the global availability of the Teradata® Database 14.10 with significant advancements that exploit in-memory processing, drive in-database analytics, deliver streamlined access to Apache™ Hadoop®, and increase performance. The combined power of the Teradata Database and support from leading best-of-breed partners offers organizations unmatched ability to outperform their competition.

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"We are excited to announce the official release of Teradata Database 14.10, the most advanced analytic engine yet available with a number of industry firsts and enhancements to the database engine," said Scott Gnau, president, Teradata Labs.

The spirit of innovation for which Teradata has been recognized is built into the Teradata Database 14.10. Teradata was named one of top technology innovators by Forbes. NetworkWorld ranked Teradata as the third most powerful big data company, and Forbes (link to Forbes story) recognized Teradata employees, Tasso Argyros and Mayank Bawa, as two of the top young innovators in the booming big data field.

"I credit the industry's most innovate team of scientist, developers, and engineers from Teradata Labs who delivered these big rock innovations and 110 new features, which our prospects and customers can deploy to outsmart their competitors," said Jeff Carter, vice president and general manager, Teradata Labs.

Teradata's innovative and flexible analytic ecosystem enables organizations to respond to the most demanding and complex strategic business questions concurrently with real-time questions. These capabilities are supported by a broad range of partners.

In-Memory Done Right             
According to Gnau, "Teradata Intelligent Memory™ provides in-memory done right." Teradata Intelligent Memory technology is built into the data warehouse and customers don't have to buy a separate appliance or software. Additionally, Teradata enables its customers to configure the exact amount of in-memory capability needed for critical workloads. It can be difficult, expensive, and impractical to keep all data in memory. Teradata's unique approach means the right amount of memory can be applied to the right set of data for blinding performance – automatically. Teradata Intelligent Memory has the industry's first extended memory space beyond cache. It significantly increases query performance and enables organizations to leverage in-memory technologies with big, diverse data.

"MicroStrategy's analytics platform, combined with the Teradata Database 14.10, greatly enhances the performance that organizations require to support their interactive analytics and mobile business applications," said Paul Zolfaghari, president, MicroStrategy Incorporated. "These performance enhancements enable data discovery against very large and complex data volumes that were previously unobtainable. Teradata's Intelligent Memory innovations deliver powerful analytics and business insights to our joint customers, positioning them for greater growth and profitability."

First, Convenient, Streamlined Access to Hadoop         
Teradata is the first to offer business analysts streamlined, self-service, and cost-effective access to Apache Hadoop. Teradata's innovative Teradata® Enterprise Access for Hadoop product makes it easier to integrate data stored in Hadoop into the enterprise data architectures.

For the first time, business analysts have point-and-click convenience offered by Teradata Studio with Smart Loader for Hadoop. They can easily browse and move data between Teradata and Hadoop for analysis and self-service business intelligence. Business users are now able to load, govern, access, and share data seamlessly in and out of Hadoop. This enables ad-hoc reporting and analysis in a secure and trusted Teradata data warehouse environment.

Teradata SQL-H™ offers direct on-the-fly access to data stored within Hadoop through standard ANSI SQL. This allows users to quickly query the data where it lies. Data from Hadoop can be combined, as needed, with production data in the Teradata data warehouse to expand and enrich insights. Users are able to leverage the security, workload management, and performance of the Teradata data warehouse.

"As Hadoop becomes an increasingly common component of the overall data architecture of many enterprises, Hortonworks is working hard to ensure Teradata users can leverage existing skills," said Bob Page, vice president, Products, Hortonworks. "We are excited that with Teradata SQL-H in Teradata Database 14.10, users can enrich their queries to leverage data stored in Hadoop."

"Working with the Teradata SQL-H, TIBCO Spotfire enables business professionals to intuitively explore, interpret, and analyze trends and correlations with data from across Teradata platforms – Teradata Database, Aster, and Hadoop," said Michael O'Connell, chief data scientist, TIBCO Software. "By offering a visual, interactive experience, Spotfire users can quickly discover new insights and take decisive action to drive competitive advantage."

More Than 1,000 Embedded Analytics              
Teradata is the first to offer next-generation R Analytics, which run in parallel and are scalable. Customers can integrate the R Analytic libraries into Teradata's flexible analytic ecosystem to achieve game-changing business results. In addition, Teradata now provides the largest, most complete analytic library of over a 1,000 new in-database analytics, enhanced access to native Extensible Markup Language (XML) data, streamlined temporal analytics, and capabilities that make geospatial data faster and easier to use.

"Using the new Teradata 14.10 Table Operator capabilities, SAS continues to innovate with the most advanced in-database analytic engine," said Paul Kent, vice president of Big Data, SAS. "The SAS Embedded Process executes SAS code directly from Teradata SQL, and exploits all degrees-of-parallelism available to the query. The combination of SAS and Teradata, and their approach to in-memory computing, address the end-to-end lifecycle needs of the advanced analytics community."

"The combination of Tableau Software to access, visualize, and analyze the data in the Teradata Database 14.10 allows analysts to ask and answer important business questions," said Dan Jewett, vice president, Product Management, Tableau. "The unique capability of the Teradata Database to perform enhanced Temporal analytics is yet another way to empower the knowledge worker to take a picture of business operations at any point in time to better understand the business."

"We have seen a great demand by customers to leverage their valuable Teradata big data sets in the familiar visual interface of a QlikView app," said Peter McQuade, vice president, Alliances and Partner Sales, QlikTech. "Teradata Database 14.10, Intelligent Memory, and QlikTech offer a hybrid analytics solution that leverages Teradata's sophisticated and proven in-database analytics with the speed-of-thought, in-memory associative analysis of QlikView."

Fundamental Design Changes Boost Performance          
Fundamental design changes in how queries are executed boost performance for customers. A new query optimizer feature automatically detects a potential slowdown during query execution and boosts performance by ensuring balanced parallel processing. This is especially important for complex queries where many steps of logic are necessary to provide multifaceted analysis of large data volumes. In addition, Teradata is the first to ensure speedy query performance with the new Incremental Planning feature. The feature executes a portion of a query, analyzes the partial results, and then executes the full query using the best route possible. Customers with complex, multi-step strategic queries will derive performance value from this feature. These features are in addition to major advances in automated statistics gathering that reduce administrative effort. The statistics-gathering feature ensures that the most critical statistics are collected, so the optimizer can generate the best query execution plans, without wasting system resources.

Teradata enables organizations to deploy, support, manage, and seamlessly access all data in an integrated and dynamic analytic environment. Teradata's integration of these technologies within the Teradata® Unified Data Architecture™ creates value, which is more than the sum of the individual components.

Unified Data Architecture™ (UDA)       
The capabilities of the Teradata Database have been significantly enhanced by Unified Data Architecture™ (UDA), which is a framework for organizations to analyze all types of data on multiple Teradata systems. The Teradata® Unified Data Architecture™ leverages the complementary value of best-in-class technologies – Teradata Database, Teradata Aster Database, and Hortonworks. 

"The Protegrity Data Security Platform provides unmatched security for the Teradata Database 14.10, and throughout the Teradata Unified Data Architecture," said Suni Munshani, chief executive officer, Protegrity. "As a best-of-breed partner specializing in data security, Protegrity delivers innovative data protection technologies to  our joint customers and enables them to responsibly manage, analyze, and derive maximum value from their sensitive data assets."

Global Best-of-Breed Partners             
Teradata partners serve customers with a variety of analytic, data integration, systems management, security, and vertical industry-specific solutions. These partners have tested and will support Teradata 14.10: Ab Initio; Atanasoft; Attunity; BEZNext (within 90 days); Clintworld; eQual4; Esri; Fuzzy Logix; Grid-Tools; Hortonworks; IBM: Cognos Business Intelligence, Infosphere Information Server, Infosphere Guardium, and Infosphere Streams; Informatica; Information Builders; Kalido; KXEN; Microsoft; MicroStrategy Incorporated; Oracle; Protegrity; QlikTech; Revolution Analytics; Riverbed Technology; Safe Software; SAS; Tableau Software; TIBCO; Voltage Security; Ward Analytics; and Wherescape Software.

About Teradata         
Teradata Corporation (NYSE: TDC) is the world's leading analytic data solutions company, focused on integrated data warehousing, big data analytics, and business applications. Teradata's innovative products and services deliver data integration and business insight to empower organizations to make the best decisions possible for competitive advantage. Visit for details.

Get to know Teradata:            

Teradata is a trademark or registered trademark of Teradata Corporation in the United States and other countries.

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