World-wide organization formed to improve the quality of information and data

NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE – NOVEMBER 22, 2004 – The International Association for Information and Data Quality (IAIDQ) is the premiere professional organization for data and information quality management professionals. The IAIDQ offers information and data quality practitioners resources for solving the perplexing problems of nonquality information in their organizations.

The vision of the IAIDQ is to:

* lead in the establishment of Information Quality/Data Quality as a recognized profession with training, certification, career tracks, and broad awareness of its value to organizations and society at large,

* consolidate, develop, and make available (directly or through references to existing bodies of knowledge) a continuously improved Information Quality/Data Quality Body of Knowledge including principles, practices, case studies and cost justification/benefit analyses, and

* through its services and members, enable corporations to achieve significant and documented improvements in business results including customer satisfaction, profit, and return on investment.

Low quality information and data adversely impact businesses and consumers, often very costly. Examples are reported in the world press almost daily. In 1999, incorrect unit information entered into U.S. NASA’s Mars Climate Orbiter caused it to crash. Thomas Gavin, deputy director of space and earth science noted that “A single error should not bring down a $125 million mission.”(1)

As people become more and more dependent on a host of complicated information and data processes to go about their lives, timely access to current and correct information and data is vital. Organizations now routinely recognize that one of their critical and strategic resources is their own information and data. IAIDQ members come from 17 countries on five continents. They are joined together in their common goal to improve information and data quality. You can read more about IAIDQ and the work of their members at the IAIDQ website,

Additional information about IAIDQ

IAIDQ Purpose

The purpose of the association is to create a world-wide community of people who desire to reduce the high costs of low quality information and data by applying sound quality management principles to the processes that create, maintain and deliver data and information.

IAIDQ Mission

The mission of the association is to:

* Increase the awareness of the impact of poor quality data and information.

* Help leaders understand that the high losses can be dramatically reduced.

* Provide a network for members to exchange tips and techniques for quality improvement.

* Provide opportunities to learn critical skills for making quality information and data a sustainable reality.

IAIDQ Board of Directors

The Board of Directors elected by the members is made up of a cross-sectional representative of individuals:

* President, Ben Reed, Microsoft Corporation, US

* Secretary-Treasurer, Christian Walenta, IBM, US

* VP, Partner Relations, Frank Dravis, Firstlogic, US

* VP, Member Services, Markus Helfert, Dublin City University, Ireland

* VP, Operations, Andres Perez, IRM Consulting, Ltd. Co., US

* VP, Web Services, Grant Robinson, NSW Department of Infrastructure, Planning, and Natural Resources, Australia

* VP, Publicity and Recruitment, Jeffrey Worthington, US Environmental Protection Agency, US

IAIDQ Co-founders and Advisors:

The co-founders of this organization are two of the most respected and well-known thought and practice leaders in the field of Information and Data Quality.

* Larry P. English, Information Impact International, Co-Founder and Advisor

* Thomas C. Redman, Navesink Consulting Group, Co-Founder and Advisor

* Lwanga Yonke, Aera Energy, Advisor


(1) CNN News,

Ben Reed, President, IAIDQ
International Association for Information and Data Quality
PO Box 110378
Nashville, TN   37222-0378

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