San Diego uses big data to unclog public transit offers an exclusive look at how the city's transit agency is analyzing 500,000 transactions a day to create the best rider experience possible.

NEW YORK, July 11, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- The San Diego Metropolitan Transit System was suffering from a case of serious data overload. How they're handling it offers lessons for any business feeling overwhelmed by big data.

In an exclusive interview with Information Week Executive Editor Doug Henschen, the agency's IT leaders reveal how San Diego MTS is tackling the challenge in order to improve rider experience, enhance safety and increase revenue.

The article reveals how the transit agency is correlating data from more than four disparate data systems using a cloud-based analytics modeling platform built on Hadoop. The outputs include blended data sets, reports, and sophisticated geospatial visualizations, all with the goal of improving transit operations and enhancing rider experience.

"Data variety, data complexity, and sheer data volume have all come together in a data-driven transit optimization project underway in San Diego.

The San Diego Metropolitan Transit System (MTS) is suffering from a classic case of information overload. The agency has disparate data sources, including a smart-card payment system, GPS-based automatic vehicle location devices on buses, automatic passenger counters on trolleys, and extensive route and schedule information formatted in the general transit feed specification (GTFS) format developed by Google in 2006."

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