New software, Social Oracle, could have predicted violence in Ferguson

The Social Analysis and Intelligence Group (SAIG) seeks to help government, military, police, and emergency services detect civil unrest before violence breaks out with a unique new software, Social Oracle

FREDERICKSBURG, Va., Dec. 5, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- The Social Analysis and Intelligence Group (SAIG) announced today that it is working to bring Social Oracle, a sentiment analysis system, to market by January 2015. Social Oracle is the first software of its kind, designed to inform decision-makers about trending social behaviors, particularly those that lead to civil unrest and violence.

"Had Social Oracle been used before the events leading up to the riots in Ferguson, it could have identified the specific areas where violence was imminent, providing street-level granularity when available in social media," said SAIG Founder, Dr. Michael Toney. "Throughout the duration of the unrest in Ferguson, Social Oracle could have measured the reaction and level of aggression following statements by Federal and State officials, indicating the likelihood of continued violent behaviors."

Using a proprietary algorithm, Social Oracle collects information from social media to identify troubled areas and predict social violence before it occurs. The first prototype is already in action, using real-time social media data. Social Oracle also discovers, tracks, and forecasts violent criminal organizations and terrorists, putting the power of prediction and control in the hands of governments and first responders at every level.

"With increasing social unrest and erupting civil violence, government and police organizations around the world need to stay as up-to-date as possible," said SAIG Founder Dr. Michael Toney. "In a perfect world, we would be able to predict violent protests before they ever happened. Social Oracle is taking us one step closer to that world."

Dr. Toney pointed to violence that has flared up around the globe over the past year from highly organized attacks by ISIS, to the Umbrella Movement in Hong Kong, to disparate riots in the American South. "Prediction is a promising step forward for our nation and the global community," he added.

To learn more about Social Oracle, visit and watch the explainer video that demonstrates the purpose of the software, along with providing an exclusive look into its inner-workings.

About Social Analysis and Intelligence Group (SAIG)

Founded in 2014, SAIG was formed by Dr. Michael Toney, who has supported global defense organizations for more than 25 years. The purpose of SAIG is to provide a deep understanding of the social behaviors of organizations and loosely formed groups, particularly those engaged in violence. It is through this understanding that SAIG aims to design early-warning systems and forecasting tools that inform governments and emergency services about the imminence of violent activity. Today, the company is seeking investors in order to accelerate and grow the company as the sole provider of sentiment analysis related to civil unrest and violence.

SOURCE Social Analysis and Intelligence Group


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