Big data and analytical software deliver nothing more than insight for decision makers - Simudyne's new CTO

LONDON, Oct. 29, 2015 /PRNewswire/ --Simudyne, the developer of Providence, the revolutionary simulation-powered decision support platform-as-a-service (PaaS), today announced the appointment of Rich Pilling to the company's leadership team, as Chief Technology Officer.

Rich joins Simudyne from Intel where he ran their EMEA Big Data and Analytics business. Intel is a highly experienced organization dedicated to designing and deploying Big Data and Data Science technologies including Hadoop, Graph Analytics, Classical Machine Learning and Internet of Things (IoT) solutions. Rich is a passionate, skilled and accomplished technical innovator and visionary who brings experience in managing international teams and delivering innovation with a focus on customer needs and product quality.

"I have been working with some of the largest and most technically advanced private and public sector organizations in the world, designing and deploying technology to quench their thirst for deriving insight from Big Data to influence decision and policy-making. But today's decision makers demand and deserve more than mere insight," Rich says. "Enterprise-class, cloud-empowered simulation technology is the logical evolution of Big Data analytics, and Simudyne is uniquely placed to deliver the next generation of prescriptive analytical and decision support software - to enable decision makers to turn insight into foresight." Pilling concluded, "It's time to start making decisions based on reason, not rhetoric."

Justin Lyon, Simudyne's CEO said; "We're so excited to welcome Rich to the team. We set out to build technology to transform how humans make decisions - a platform that allows humans to experiment in virtual worlds where they can safely fail with absolutely no consequences for them or the people who depend on their leadership. By doing so, they make radically better decisions." He added, "Rich's vision and leadership will ensure that we achieve these goals while extending still further our technological leadership."

About Simudyne

Simudyne is the world's leading next generation simulation and decision support software company. They empower business, government, military, law enforcement and civic leaders to solve highly complex problems that carry with them high levels of risk or reward. They leverage big data, simulation science and their powerful software to enable decision makers to build simulations of the real world to predict and test the future outcomes of their decisions and actions. Simudyne provides the platform of choice for those seeking to develop versatile, sophisticated, scalable simulation applications that help leaders solve complex problems and dramatically accelerate and improve decision-making by turning insight into foresight.

SOURCE Simudyne

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