Professional athletes Ian Sharman, Sonja Wieck and Tiffany Cromwell endorse LifeBEAM Wearable Technology for performance biometrics

Triathlon, Ultrarunning and Cycling Champions Rely on Industry-Leading Bio-Sensing Tech to Maximize Performances and Improve Race Results

NEW YORK, Dec. 10, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- LifeBEAM, a leader in wearable technology, announced today that professional athletes Ian Sharman, Sonja Wieck and Tiffany Cromwell endorse the company's advanced bio-sensing technology to improve overall training performance and race results. The ultrarunner, endurance triathlete and road cyclist are among the growing number of athletes—from world-class competitors to everyday fitness enthusiasts—who have embraced the benefits of LifeBEAM's seamless monitoring of heart rate, motion and other biometrics to enhance their workouts, training and event results.

"We're thrilled that Ian, Sonja, Tiffany and many other top-flight athletes have adopted LifeBEAM's advanced technology to track performance metrics including heart rate, activity tracking and calorie consumption, as a key component of their training regimes and competitive performance," stated Omri Yoffe, co-founder and CEO at LifeBEAM. "Our extensive understanding of human physiology and user preferences has enabled us to integrate state-of-the-art bio-sensors into comfortable, smart wearables for use by leading competitors and casual fitness buffs alike to achieve their goals."

"Monitoring my heart rate is critical to both my training and race regimes, providing a neutral, comparable measure of effort to help ensure that I adjust my speed and intensity as appropriate," noted Sharman, the Grand Slam of Ultrarunning record-holder and coach. "The LifeBEAM Smart Hat allows me to get the benefits of accurate monitoring without the discomfort and chafing associated with a chest strap, and its battery life of more than 15 hours is ideal for ultra-distance runners."

"The first Ironman I did with heart rate technology was a game changer. I had guidelines to stick to and that helped me execute a more consistent race day. I loved that data!" said Wieck, an elite triathlete and coach, who employs both the Smart Hat and LifeBEAM Genesis Smart Helmet for training and competition. "As an athlete, I like choices, and I like to have functional resources at my fingertips. LifeBEAM's advanced wearables provide the information I need, when I need it, to make sure I'm on track to compete at my best."

Cromwell, named Cycling Australia's Elite Women's Road Cyclist of the Year in 2014, uses the Smart Hat for cross training to complement and enhance her performance. She noted, "The data I get from the LifeBEAM Smart Hat ensures I'm maximizing the effectiveness and efficiency of my workouts, even when I'm not on my bike."

LifeBEAM's sophisticated smart wearables leverage a large portfolio of biometric sensors to offer the most accurate measurements on the market. The helmet, hat and other consumer electronics recently powered by LifeBEAM wearable tech quickly and easily sync with top fitness applications via Bluetooth and Ant+, while delivering battery life, on average, for a full month cycle of fitness training.

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About LifeBEAM

A pioneer in wearable technology hardware, analytics and software, LifeBEAM makes the world's most advanced wearable instruments for measuring human performance. The company offers an array of products for athletic and sports manufacturers, consumers and government agencies. The company is based in New York, with operations centers in Israel and China. For more information, visit



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