New technology converges on personalized, predictive, preventive health

SAN DIEGO, Aug. 5, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Use of technology for health purposes is widespread – there are over 4,000,000 downloads of mobile Health apps every day and 52% of people who own a smartphone use it to gather health-related information. Dr Google can find an answer to mostly any health question. If it can't, we can easily schedule an online telehealth video conference with a doctor who can provide an answer.

Health and medicine have been profoundly affected by the surge of mobile and wearable health technologies, changing the way people access information and communicate with health professionals. Personal monitoring of heart rate, blood sugar, cholesterol, and calories burned and consumed is now commonplace. Doctors regularly receive patient data through the cloud, respond to patient emails through a security-safe portal, get up-to-date patient metrics and do consults on their smartphones.

"Cost savings just scratch the surface of what health technology can achieve. Increasingly sophisticated technology will first enable doctors and scientists to harness big data to better identify and understand disease patterns, and second it will deliver networked, scalable healthcare to empower individuals to track, analyze, and change their own health," says Matt Riemann, health expert and serial entrepreneur in the mobile and telehealth arenas.

"Emerging technologies will be felt more profoundly than ever before because they will provide a personalized, preventive, predictive mobile experience," states Riemann.

"For the 91% of people who have their mobile phone within arm's reach all day, this translates to having a virtual health assistant that initiates one-to-one interactions to deliver highly personalized and relevant information precisely when they need it."

Shae, dubbed "Siri for your health," is an example of one such emerging health technology which integrates scientific and medically validated research to predict an individual's health risks.

"Intuitive due to its extensive foundation of formulas and algorithms, Shae proposes highly individualized and timely protocols of diet, exercise, and lifestyle activities for each individual that are designed to prevent illness from arising. In this way Shae makes health scalable for the masses," states Vice President Rebekah Morrison.

The capabilities we're seeing from emerging technologies are not unlike what one might read in a science fiction novel. With machines that can print artificial ligaments while a patient is in surgery, laboratories that can grow kidneys, and artificially intelligent robots that assist patients with physical limitations, technology is poised to make significant inroads to our ability to prevent illness and save lives.

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About ph360: ph360 is a personal health platform that provides health and lifestyle insights based on scientific calculations of gene expression. It provides a personalized guide to food, fitness, environment and lifestyle for optimal wellness.

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