As Google kills off Hangouts, are they taking small business with them?

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QUEENSLAND, Australia, Aug 19, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Small and medium sized businesses, and entrepreneurs alike celebrated with one voice as Google Hangouts allowed communication en mass. Even the use of Webinar services tapped into Hangouts.

As the announcement hits that Google is discontinuing its free Hangouts on Air service (now to be bundled in with YouTube Live, where does that leave small businesses that depended on Hangouts to run webinars for sales, marketing and training?

As Google themselves reported in their post on the Google support page, Hangouts on air, the popular service used by many small business owners and entrepreneurs to run Webinars and group meetings will no longer be available to schedule events. Instead, they are moving the service to YouTube Live, leaving those who depend on Hangouts and 3rd party software that relies on Google hangouts wondering what is next for them? And what are the cost effective methods still available to run Webinars and Webinar software (without depending on Hangouts)?

Although Hangouts on Air made running webinars a cost effective solution, it never really gave the presenter the feeling of a live stream - as the delay from presenter to attendee was sometimes in excess of 30 to 45 seconds. The great news is for small business owners and Entrepreneurs alike that alternative webinar solutions exist that aren't reliant on the hangout platform and can deliver the true live streaming experience that is needed.

One of those solutions is the Webinar JEO platform, from Australian based company Universal Media-Online.

Webinar JEO is created to meet the needs of trainers, business owners, and thought leaders when it comes to marketing and broadcasting. The service allows users to launch unlimited webinars so entrepreneurs don't have to put a cap on their marketing reach. It hosts unlimited attendees so company trainers have no need to limit participants in coaching sessions. The platform also provides users tools to boost audience engagement such as polls, surveys, and chat box and since Webinar JEO isn't dependent on hangouts, users can rest easy that their events are in safe hands.

Webinar JEO makes collaboration easy and effective with its screen share, whiteboard, and advanced chat features. With seamless audio and video transmission capabilities, sessions are guaranteed to be professional and efficient. The user-friendly interface also makes it convenient to launch events and integrate autoresponders to effectively market sessions.

With over 10,000 Webinar events run on the platform in the last 60 days, Webinar JEO is a serious contender for the business, sales, training and development industries looking for an alternate solution.

SOURCE Universal Media-Online

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